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Retired master-thief Satampra, Zerios of Uzuldaroum recounts an adventure from days gone by when he and his two companions (Vixeela and the dubious magician/alchemist Veezi Phenquor) endeavored to rob the temple of the moon god Leniqua, and steal away with the Thirty-Nine girdles of virginity by means of stealth, cunning, and a little bit of hyperborean chemistry. Originally published in the Saturn Science Fiction & Fantasy, it is the last of Clark’s Hyperborea cycle.

Welcome to the Sanctum Secorum podcast. Tonight we look at a work by Clark Ashton Smith, The Powder of Hyperborea and match it up with Edgar Johnson’s delightful Street Kids of Ur-Hadad.

Dark Acquisitions

The Huntsman – R.S. Tilton

Gods of the Eternal Struggle
Leniqua – Bob Brinkman
Tsathoggua – Bob Brinkman

Magic Items
The Powder of Hyperborea – Jen Brinkman

Men and Magicians
Alchemist – Marc Bruner

Formless Spawn – Bob Brinkman

Marquanos – Bob Brinkman
Veezi Phenquor – Bob Brinkman

Make Potion (spell expansion) – Marc Bruner
Nightmare Nimbus – Bob Brinkman

The Stacks

Appendix N
The Powder of Hyperborea by Clark Ashton Smith
Saturn Science Fiction and Fantasy, March 1958

The Curse of Cragbridge by Paul Wolfe
Elzemon and the Blood Drinking Box by Terry Olson
The Jeweller Who Dealt in Stardust by Harley Stroh
Madhouse Meet by Michael Curtis
Masks of Lankhmar by Michael Curtis
No Small Crimes in Lankhmar by Michael Curtis (forthcoming)
Operation Unfathomable by Jason Sholtis
The Orm Lies Down in Punjar by Terry Olson
Perils of the Sunken City by Jon Marr
Street Kids of Ur-Hadad by Edgar Johnson
Super Number One Food Tower by Matthew Goiffon
Treasure Vaults of Zadabad by Carl Bussler & Eric Hoffman

Campaign Tools
Ancient Hyperborean class by Ari-Matti Piippo (Sanctum Secorum #32)
Drunk’s Luck by Diogo Nogueira (Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2016)
The Heist Tool by Adam Muszkiewicz (Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad #3)
Helmet Law by Rev. Dak (Crawl #2)
Honest Orkoff by Jon Marr (Crawl #2)
House Rule: Adventuring Companion by Diogo Nogueira (Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2016)
Legendary Items by Rev. Dak (Crawl #2)
Lucky Items by Rev. Dak (Crawl #2)
Random Tavern Generator by Keith A. Garrett (Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2016)
Shattered Shields by Rev. Dak (Crawl #2)
Thieving Hand of Glamox by Michael Bolam (Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2016)
Tomb of Khaemhet by Carl Bussler & Eric Hoffman (Sanctum Secorum #20)

Gamestorm 20
Gen Con
Gary Con
Red River RPG Con

Agape (song) by Dead Can Dance
Anastasis (album) by Dead Can Dance
The Bard’s Tale OST (bonus material)
The Best of Zakir Hussain (album) by Zakir Hussain
Chants of India (album) by Ravi Shankar
Come into the Garden Maude (song) by Derek Scott
Endless Vision (album) by Sari Galin
Jai Taal (song) by Zakir Hussain
Kiko (song) by Dead Can Dance
The Kingdom of Heaven OST (album) by Harry Gregson-Williams
Music of India (album) by Ravi Shankar
Opium (song) by Dead Can Dance
The Serpent’s Egg (album) by Dead Can Dance
Sounds of India (album) by Ravi Shankar
Teentaal (song) by Zakir Hussain

Appendix N Book Club
The Cromcast

Road Crew Appearances
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Crawljammer by Moon Dice Games
DCC Lankhmar by Goodman Games

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