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The carnelian cube of the title is a small red “dream stone” confiscated by archaeologist Arthur Cleveland Finch from Tiridat Ariminian, one of the workers on the dig he is supervising in Cappadocia. It bears an inscription in Etruscan that appears to identify its original possessor as Apollonius of Tyana, a wandering ascetic/philosopher/wonderworker who lived from 15-100AD. Supposedly, the stone allows the bearer to attain the world of his dreams. Arthur Finch is a man who *thinks* that he knows what he wants… until he has it. Once he has it, the task becomes how to get rid of it.

To sleep, perchance to …. create a new reality!

Welcome to the Sanctum Secorum podcast. Tonight, the Keepers of Mysteries boldly explore the dream world of The Carnelian Cube by L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt.


Dark Acquisitions


The Stacks

Appendix N
The Carnelian Cube by L. Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt

Bride of the Black Manse by Harley Stroh
Elzemon and the Blood Drinking Box by Terry Olson
The Floating Oasis of the Ascended God by Stephen Newton
The Jeweler Who Dealt in Stardust by Harley Stroh
Misguided Menace of Georgetown by Brendan LaSalle
* Brendan LaSalle’s Keynote Speech on creativity
Neon Knights by Brendan LaSalle
Not in Kansas Anymore by Dieter Zimmerman
Peril on the Purple Planet by Harley Stroh
The Phantasmagoria Series (unreleased) by Michael Curtis
Welcome to Pandemonium (Gongfarmers Almanac 2017) by Gongfamer’s Local #282

Gary Con

2023 (album) by Barış Manço
33’üncü (album) by Edip Akbayram
7 Seçilmiş (album) by 80 Kalibre
Akustic Takilmacalar (album) by Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut
Aşık Veysel (album) by Aşık Veysel
The Best of Erkin Koray (album) by Erkin Koray
Binboganin Kizi (song) by Barış Manço
Çanakala (song) performed by Jashar & Idajet Sejdiu
Hasret (album) by Cem Karaca
Isyan (album) by Kırmızı
The Foul (album) by Carnelian Cube
Journey of the Sorcerer (song) by the Eagles
Koymoz (song) by Kaçak
Memories of Caucasus (song) by Yeghish Manukyan
Neşet Ertaş Collection (album) by Neşet Ertaş
Octopus’s Garden (song) by the Beatles
Sakin Almam Lazim (album) by Hayko Cepkin
Sistem Beni Yine Deli Gibi Geriyor (song) by Deja Vu
Trip Fairground (song) by Barış Manço
Turiya and Rmakrishna (song) by Alice Coltrane
Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim (album) by Aşık Veysel

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* Michael Harrington @ GenghisCon in Aurora, CO
* Mike Carlson @ Everybody Reads Books & Stuff in Lansing, MI
* Chris ‘Tanglebones’ Lauricella @ Bell Book and Comics in Dayton, OH

Nowhere City Nights from Order of the Quill
The Purple Planet from Goodman Games
DCC X-Crawl (forthcoming) from Goodman Games

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