Reading through +Mark Hunt‘s “Drongo: Ruins of the Witch Kingdoms “, it would be easy to compare this to the Purple Planet or to MCC but that would do it a great disservice. While Drongo could easily be used to supplement campaigns of either (or any DCC campaign) the level of detail provided gives a great feel for the world, and hints at so much more.

New character classes, races, and the like make this a nice addition to any Judge’s toolbox, with the addition of a nicely thought-provoking section on rewarding PCs that gave me a few ideas.

The book gives details and broad information without becoming overwhelming and inundated with minutia. Rather than flooding the reader with information overload a couple of paragraphs gives a Judge all they need to know to be able to run with a subject. The book is succinct and wholly usable in so many ways that it is simply a must have.

Originally, a limited number of print copies were available at Gen Con 2015 (these sold out). Recently, Drongo came back into print again and copies were making their way around Gary Con to people who had pre-ordered through Mark.  Drongo is well worth picking up in hard copy or PDF.

For ideas how to work Drongo into your campaign, or Appendix N into Drongo, check out Sanctum Secorum Episode #02.