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Covers 02Most humans on Earth live in a small number of elaborate, high-tech castles as idle aristocrats primarily concerned with aesthetics, pastimes and questions of honor and etiquette. Only a small minority of humans live free lives outside of the castles, and are considered barbaric by the inhabitants of the castles. Various alien races serve the latter.

One day, one of those slave races, the Meks, revolt and start besieging the castles. One by one, the castles fall and their residents are killed, until only Castle Hagedorn is left. Most of the decadent castle denizens choose to ignore the danger. One of them, Xanten, decides to fight the Meks and searches for allies inside as well as outside the castle.

Welcome to the Sanctum Secorum podcast. In this episode we examine one of the works by renowned Appendix N author Jack Vance, with The Last Castle.

In addition, we have bonus content to bring to your game: classes,monsters, weapons, and more…after the jump

Dark Acquisitions

There is a great deal of new material to bring to the table based on this book. Below is a list, by category and author, of what has been added to the Dark Acquisitions page, by the Keepers of Mysteries, based on this show. Further contributions, from friends of the library, will also be found there as they arrive.

Mek – David Baity

Bird, Vancian #1 – Bob Brinkman
Bird, Vancian #2 – Jen Brinkman
Mek #1 – David Baity
Mek #2 – Bob Brinkman
Peasant, Vancian – Bob Brinkman
Phane #1 – Jen Brinkman
Phane #2 – Bob Brinkman

Power-Wagon – Bob Brinkman
Vancian Bird – Bob Brinkman
Vancian Bird Sky Chair – Bob Brinkman

Energy Cannon – Bob Brinkman
Fire Grenade – Bob Brinkman
Pellet Ejector – Bob Brinkman
Pellet Gun – David Baity
Sport Rifle – Bob Brinkman
Steel Sling-Whip – Bob Brinkman

The Stacks

Appendix N
The Last Castle by Jack Vance

Against the Atomic Overlord by Edgar Johnson
The Seventh Pit of Sezrekan by Harley Stroh
Silent Nightfall by Daniel J. Bishop
They Served Brandolyn Red by Stephen Newton
The Tower Out of Time by Michael Curtis

Hubris by Mike Evans

Drongo: Ruins of the Witch Kingdoms by Mark A. Hunt/Leviathan Publishing
Mutant Crawl Classics by Jim Wampler
Transylvanian Adventures by S.A. Mathis/Land of Phantoms


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