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The story is narrated by an ethnologist who visits the town of Binger, Oklahoma in 1928 to investigate certain stories related to a certain nearby mound, which is said to be haunted by a strange Indian man by day and a headless woman by night. The local people avoid the place, and there are strange stories of those who dared to venture there either disappearing, or returning insane and inexplicably altered. Being initially quite skeptical, the narrator brings some archaeological tools and visits the mound, noticing that the man pacing it appears closest to the native Indians, but cannot be identified with any known Indian tribe. Through a talisman made of a strange metal given to him by a local chieftain, he unearths a strange cylinder made of the same unidentifiable metal full of hideous engravings and strange hieroglyphics.

Upon discovering a scroll written in Spanish in the cylinder, the narrator returns to his host and begins to translate it. The contents of the scroll, covering a large part of the narrative, describe the travels of one Pánfilo de Zamacona y Nuñez, an asturian explorer, almost 400 years prior. Zamacona recounts how he was a part of an expedition from Mexico to North America, and how, through the help of a native Indian, he discovered a vast underground world filled with grotesque temples, and populated by strange beasts and a highly advanced telepathic civilization who worshipped Cthulhu, Yig, Shub-Niggurath -and, until a certain incident, Tsathoggua. The members of the underground race -who lived in what they called the kingdom of K’nyan- welcomed him, but the more Zamacona learned about them, the more fearful he became.

The narrator is shocked by this scroll but remains skeptical, so the next day he goes to the mound again for further investigation, repeatedly telling himself that this is an elaborate hoax. Upon digging in a depression on the mound, he discovers a staircase leading deep underground…

Welcome to the Sanctum Secorum podcast. Tonight, the Keepers of Mysteries saddle up and head West to explore H.P. Lovecraft’s The Mound.

What’s that? What about episode #44? Well, its coming folks – just like those missing companions but, as you can see, one of our own having a Kickstarter takes precedence. 😉

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Dark Acquisitions


The Stacks

Appendix N
The Mound by H. P. Lovecraft

Death Among the Pines by Michael Curtis
Elzemon and the Blood Drinking Box by Terry Olson
Journey to the Center of Aereth
Lairs of Lost Agharta
The Last Will and Testament of Obediah Felkner by Stephen Newton (FORTHCOMING)
The Lost City of Barako
Tales of the Shudder Mountains by Michael Curtis
They Served Brandolyn Red by Stephen Newton
Tower of the Black Pearl by Harley Stroh

Dungeon Games (Crowdfunding Live)

Dark Trails

A/B (album) by Kaleo
Blood to Spill (song) by Blues Saraceno
Bone Tomahawk OST (album) by Jeff Herriott & S. Craig Zahler
Coming with the Hellfire (song) by Extreme Music
Country Roads (song) by KamTacos
Dead and Gone (song) by Nick Nolan
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (song) by Willie Watson & My Bubba
Dogs of War (song) by Blues Saraceno
Gene Autry (artist)
Ghost Riders in the Sky (song) Dick Dale
Ghost Riders in the Sky (song) Johnny Cash
Ghost Riders in the Sky (song) The Outlaws
Ghost Riders in the Sky (song) The Ramrods
Ghost Riders in the Sky (song) Sons of the Pioneers
Ghost Riders in the Sky (song) Spiderbait
Heroes Dress in Black (song) by Blues Saraceno
Hey Boy In the Pines (song) by Danny Farrant and Paul Rawson
The Highwayman (song) by The Highwaymen
House of the Rising Son (song) by White Buffalo
In Hell I’ll be in Good Company (song) by Dead South
In the Pines (song) by Danny Farrant and Paul Rawson
I’m Gunnin’ for You (song) by Nick Nolan
Marty Robbins (artist)
Pale Rider (song) by The Heavy Horses
Psalm of Nod (song) by Sons of Perdition
Psalm of Sleep (song) by Sons of Perdition
Reach (song) by Martini Ranch
Roger Miller (artist)
Rollin’ in Your Grave (song) by Daniel Ryan Murphy
Run on (song) by Blues Saraceno
Shackles, Ropes, and Chains (song) by Nick Nolan
Tennessee Ernie Ford (artist)
The Vision (song) by Old Man Wizard
Way Down Below (song) by Kaleo

Road Crew Appearances
* Judges Hoi, Andrew Sternick, Vasili Kaliman, and David Willems @ The Brooklyn Strategist in New York, NY
* Bruce Cunnington @ The Organ Grinder Pub in Luffbra, Lestershire

Dark Trails
The Shudder Mountains

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