Here is a sampling of where you can find DCC Road Crew Judges on Free RPG day. This list is a constant work in progress during the days leading up to Free RPG Day. Dont see your game or store? Send us your info (via email, Facebook, or Mewe) and we will add you to our list!

Note that venues in green have Judges who will be handing out the 2019 Sanctum Secorum Free RPG Day Companion.



Area 52 – Hobart, TAS
Judge Paul Lan – Carnival of the Damned – 6-9pm


British Columbia
One Stop Shop, Vancouver, BC – Advanced Signup Available
Judge Ogrebeef – Adventure TBA – 5:30-7:30

London Public Library – London, ON
Judge Conrad Evanshire – Portal Under the Stars – 10am-2pm.

Dueling Grounds – Peterborough, ON
Judge Thomas Burton – Adventure TBA – 1pm.

The Sword & Board – Toronto, ON
Judge Daniel J Bishop (Goodman Games/Purple Duck Games) – 12,000 to 0 – 10am-2pm.
Judge Daniel J Bishop (Goodman Games/Purple Duck Games) – Geas of the Star-chons – 2-6p.


NordCon – Hamburg – Event Requires Separate Admission *
Publisher: System Matters – Panel: Neues vom System Matters Verlag – 5-6pm


Seoul Capital Area
The Dice Latte – Seoul, KR

No DCC games but stop by and pick up the Free Santum Secorum Companion!


XIV Dracojornada Lúdica – Madrid, ES
Judge TBA – Adventure TBA – Time TBA


Escape Games – Coventry
Judge Lee Neilson – Man-Bait for the Soul Stealer – 10am.

Entoyment – Dorset CANCELLED
Judge Julian Hayley – Tower of the Black Pearl – 10:30am

Fan Boy 3 – Manchester
Judge Andrew Murphy – Hole in the Sky – 5pm.

The Games Table – Norwich – Advanced Signups Available
Judge TBA – The Portal Under the Stars – 11am
Judge TBA – The Portal Under the Stars – 4pm

Dice Cup Cafe– Nottingham
Judge Bruce Cunnington – Adventure TBA – 10am.


Bus Stop Toy Shop – Largs, AYR – FREE RPG WEEKEND
Judge Ian Bonar – The Mansion of Gargenthrax – Time TBA


South Wales
The Gate – Cardiff, WAL
Judge Allan Tucker – Adventure TBA – Time TBA

Underhive Games Ltd. – Newport, WAL
Judge TBA – Adventure TBA – Time TBA


Haven Comics – Madison, AL
Judge TBA – Adventure TBA – 3-7pm.

CAB Comics – Flagstaff, AZ

Judge Tony Brutcher – Tournament TBA – 11am-3pm
Judge Jason Abdin – Death by Nexus (Tournament) – 4-8pm.

Gamers’ Haven – Jonesboro, AR – Advanced sign-ups are available
Judge Sarah Brown – Adventure TBA – 3-7pm.

Emerald Knights Comics & Games – Burbank, CA

Judge Scott Woodward – Portal Under the Stars – 12-4pm.

Gamescape – San Francisco, CA
Judge Marcus Flores – Geas of the Star-chons – 12:30-5pm.

Crit Castle – Aurora, CO
Judge Austin – MCC: Hive of the Overmind – 12:30pm.
Judge Austin – MCC: Goats of Travail – Midnight.

Nerd Geek U – Rigby, CO
Judge TBA – Adventure TBA – Time TBA

Hawkwood Game Cafe – Milford, CT
Judge Brian Spinetti – Neon Knights – 6pm

District of Columbia (Washington D.C.)
Labyrinth Games & Puzzles – Washington, DC
Judge Wes – Adventure TBA – 1-4pm.

Dungeon Games – Estero, FL – Advanced Sign-ups available
Judge Bob Brinkman (Goodman Games) – Geas of the Star-chons – Noon-4pm.
Judge Jen Brinkman (Goodman Games/Spellburn) – MCC: The Evolution of Canyon City – Noon-4pm.
Judge Bob Brinkman (Goodman Games) – Geas of the Star-chons – 4-8pm.
Judge Jen Brinkman (Goodman Games/Spellburn) – Acting Up in Lankhmar – 4-8pm.
Judge Bob Brinkman (Goodman Games) – Crypt of Morgath – 8-10pm.
Judge Jen Brinkman (Goodman Games/Spellburn) – Acting Up in Lankhmar – 8pm-Midnight.
Judge Bob Brinkman (Goodman Games) – The Tribe of Ogg and the Trials of Moss – 10pm-Midnight.

Serenity Games – Seminole, FL – Advanced Signup Available
Judge Matthew Caulder – Geas of the Star-chons – 10am.

Past, Present, and Future Superstore – West Palm Beach, FL
Judge Bruce Boragine – Geas of the Star-chons – Time TBA

Raven Nest Games – Marietta, GA
Judge Thorin Thompson – Sky ov Crimson Flame – Noon.

The Dragon’s Refuge – Bourbonnais, IL
Judge TBA – Portal Under the Stars – Noon-4pm.
Judge TBA – Geas of the Star-chons – 4-8pm.

Paper Escape – Dixon, IL
Judge Jason Hobbs (Hobbs & Friends) – Geas of the Star-chons – 1:30pm.

The War Zone – Matoon, IL – Advanced Signup Available
Judge TBA – Geas of the Star-chons – 11am-3pm

Games Plus – Mount Prospect, IL
Judge Jeff Bernstein – Geas of the Star-chons – 3pm.

Titan Games – Springfield, IL – $5 *
Judge Aaron Berkowitz – Adventure TBA – 1pm.

Secret Door Games – Elkhart, IN
Judge Marlene Whitmer – Adventure TBA – 7-11pm.
Judge John Homan – Adventure TBA – Time TBA

Saltire Games – Indianapolis, IN
Judge TBA – Geas of the Star-chons – 6pm

By the Board Games & Entertainment – Lowell, IN
Judge Matt Franklin – Geas of the Star-Chons – 5pm.

+1 Gaming – Metairie, LA
Judge Chris Baudot – Adventure TBA – Noon.

Game On – Augusta, ME
Judge TBA – The Hypercube of Myt – Noon.

Pandemonium Books and Games – Cambridge, MA – $5
Judge Andrew Wight – The Wizard Must Die – 10:30am

That’s Entertainment – Worcester, MA
Marc Plourde (Glowburn) – MCC: Warlords of ATOZ – 12-2:30pm.
Marc Plourde (Glowburn) – MCC: Warlords of ATOZ – 3-5:30pm.

Vault of Midnight – Ann Arbor, MI
Judge John – Adventure TBA Time TBA

Fanfare Comics and Games – Kalamazoo, MI
Keith Nelson – DCC Lankhmar: No Small Crimes in Lankhmar – 11am.
Keith Nelson – MCC: Incursion of the Ultradimension – 3pm.

Summit Comics & Games – Lansing, MI
DM Cojo – Nebin Pendlebrook’s Perilous Pantry – 2pm.
Judge TBA – The Tower out of Time – 2pm.

RIW Hobbies & Games – Livonia, MI
Judge Ian Shears – Isle of Dread – 12-3pm.

Source Comics & Games – Roseville, MN
Judge Matt Towle – Adventure TBA – 12-6pm.
Judge Matt Towle – MCC: The Apocolypse Ark – 6pm-12am

Valhalla’s GateColumbia, MO
Judge Scott Hill – Sailors on the Starless Sea – 11am-5pm.

Shall We Play? – Las Vegas, NV
Judge Joshua Cooper – Geas of the Star-chons – 12-3pm

Games Galore – Reno, NV
Judge Matthew Dohnansky – Geas of the Star-chons – Time TBA

New Jersey
The Comic Book Store – Glassboro, NJ
Judge TBA – Adventure TBA – 2pm.

The Only Game In Town – Somerville, NJ
Judge Zach Levenberg – Adventure TBA – Time TBA.

New York
Dragon Snack Games – Buffalo, NY
Judge Curtiss ‘Soma’ Kuczkowski – Adventures TBA – 11:30am-5pm

The Brooklyn Strategist – New York City, NY
Judge TBA – Adventure TBA – 1pm
Judge Ngo Vinh-Hoi (Appendix N Book Club) – Geas of the Star-chons – 2pm

North Carolina
Wyvern’s Tale – Asheville, NC
Judge Sam Browne – Geas of the Star-chons – Noon.

Gamer’s Armory – Cary, NC
Judge Christian OvsenikHole in the Sky – 11am-3pm.
Judge Christian OvsenikGeas of the Star-chons – 4-8pm.

Event Horizon Games – Raleigh, NC
Judge Jonathan Garrison – The Jeweler That Dealt in Stardust – 2-6pm.

North Dakota
Broken Sentry Games – Grand Forks, ND
Judge Bruce Hanson – Adventure TBA – Time TBA

Weird Realms – Cleveland, OH
Judge Cody – Adventure TBA – 4pm.

Origins Game Fair – Columbus, OH – Event Requires Separate Admission
Judge Michael Curtis (Goodman Games) – Mike’s DCC Test Kitchen – 9am-1pm.
Judge Brendan LaSalle (Goodman Games) – MCC: Canyon City Rain – 91m-1pm
Judge Erika King – MCC: Rats of G.I.M. – 9am-1pm
Judge Chris Lauricella – Tomb of Horrors – 9am-1pm.
Judge Ian T. Small – Swords in the Jungle Deep – 9am-1pm.
Judge Ed Stanek – Put a Ring on It – 9am-1pm
Judge Tom Fritchman – DCC X-Crawl: Trapsylvania – 1-5pm
Judge James Pozenel – The House of the Red Doors – 1-2pm. CANCELLED
Judge Brendan LaSalle (Goodman Games) – DCC X-Crawl: Swack-Iron Murder Queen – 2-6pm
Judge Chris Lauricella – Dungeon, Fire, Knight, & Sword – 2-6pm.
Judge James Pozenel – The House of the Red Doors – 2-3pm. CANCELLED
Judge Ian T. Small – Soul for the Ocean Dark – 2-6pm.
Judge Ed Stanek – Getting the Band Back Together – 2-6pm
Judge James Pozenel – The House of the Red Doors – 3-4pm. CANCELLED
Judge James Pozenel – The House of the Red Doors – 4-5pm. CANCELLED

Bell, Book & Comic – Dayton, OH
Judge Paul Hampshire – Sailors on the Starless Sea – 12-4pm.

Wings, Wheels, and Waves – Massilon, OH
Judge TBA – Adventure TBA – 6pm.

Loot & XP – Norman, OK
Judge Sam Dester – Geas of the Star-chons – 12:30pm.

Game HQ – Oklahoma City, OK
Judge TBA – Adventure TBA – 11am.

Funagain Games – Eugene, OR
Judge Mario Garcia – The Hypercube of Myt – 12-3pm.

Salem Public Library – Salem, OR
Judge TBA – Adventure TBA – 12-3pm.

Phantom of the Attic Games – Pittsburgh, PA – Free Tournament Event
Judge Jonathan Snodgrass – Keep of the Mad Duke – Noon.

South Dakota
Boardwalk Games – Greenville, SC
Judge David Baity – Dark Trails: Dark Trails Tournament – 11:30am- 3:30pm

Epikos CCG – Chattanooga, TN
Judge Yorkus Rex – Geas of the Star-chons – 4-8pm.

Nerd HQ – Johnson City, TN – Advanced Signup Available
Judge TBA – Geas of the Star-chons – 3-7pm

Hall of Heroes – Ripley, TN
Judge Matt – Adventure TBA – Saturday 8-10pm.

Doc’s Comics & Games – Frisco, TX
Judge TBA – They Served Brandolyn Red – Noon.

Dragon’s Lair Comics – San Antonio, TX
Judge TBA – Hole in the Sky – Noon.

Geek World – Tyler, TX
Judge TBA – MCC: Adventure TBA – 1pm.

Game Grid – Lehi, UT
Judge Niels – Adventure TBA – 4-7pm

Cavalier Comics – Wise, VA
Judge TBA – Geas of the Star-chonsNoon.

Uncle’s Games – Redmond, WA
Judge TBA – MCC: Hive of the Overmind – Noon.

Arcane Comics – Shoreline, WA
Judge Ethan Schoonover – Adventure TBA – Drop-in Games 1-5pm.
Judge Trevor Bramble – Adventure TBA – Drop-in Games 1-5pm.

Mox Boarding House, Green Room – Seattle, WA
Judge Hector Cruz (Glowburn) – The Lost Tower of Talos – 4pm.

West Virginia
Dragon’s Den – Beckley, WV
Judge Shaun Hale – Adventure TBA – Rotating sessions 12-5pm.
Judge Caleb Mobley – Adventure TBA – Rotating sessions 12-5pm.
Judge Allen Walker – Adventure TBA – Rotating sessions 12-5pm.

Noble Knight Games – Madison, WI
Judge TBA – The Precipice of Destruction – 11am.

Pegasus Games – Madison, WI
Judge Cullen McDonald – Adventure TBA – 10am-2pm.

Board Game Barrister – Wauwatosa, WI
Judge TBA – Adventure TBA – 10am.


* Unofficial Free RPG Day events do not have the Free RPG Day giveaway items available, although DCC Road Crew Swag may be offered.