Wow! What a great response to our contest! Thank you to everyone who submitted their entry. We only wish that we had tons of free books to give away instead of pounds (but that require the Prize Storage Unit of Mystery).

Our domestic/US winner, recipient of a box of over 10 lbs (this killed our mailing scale) of vintage sci-fi/fantasy books is…. Brian Tieman. Brian should have his prize in a few days, in time for the holidays.

As previously announced, the overseas prize was different, due to shipping costs. While we couldn’t send oodles and oodles of paperbacks, we wanted to send out something that was really special. In the end, we think that the prize is pretty cool.

Our overseas winner is David Gallico, who receives a copy of The Shrouded Grimoire (#9 of 10). This is currently the only copy of the book’s limited run to be outside the US! Sorry David, but barring a true miracle, it is going to take a bit longer for your prize to get there. Still, we hope that you’ll find it worth the wait.

Now then, if you didn’t win, never fear! There is more to come on the next episode of the Sanctum Secorum Reading Room – Tuesday Dec 20th. The Prize Closet of Mystery is not yet done with the holiday season!

  • First, we have last month’s giveaway to announce. One lucky winner will be getting Robin Wayne Bailey’s Swords Against the Shadowland and William Hope Hodgeson’s The House on the Borderland.
  • In honor of the current Kickstarter from Planet X Games, An Occurance at Howling Crater, Levi Combs will be joining us to help us give away a (for now) mystery package of Sci-fi/Fantasy novels and comic books to one lucky live viewer.
  • Of course we will be announcing our next giveaway for January.
  • Finally, one second chance entry will be drawn with the recipient receiving a copy of Keeper Bob’s favorite science fiction novel, Armor, by John Steakley. Perfect to provide inspiration for your next Star Crawl session, with plenty of great ideas to draw from, this is the book of which Bob has said “Out-Heinlein’s Heinlein for the Starship Troopers concept” (Bob rereads the book annually, so he may be a smidge biased).

So many giveaways!

Regardless of which holiday(s) you celebrate, best wishes of the season to you from us at the the Sanctum Secorum. We look forward to seeing you in a few short days for more discussions, more giveaways, and more fun!