So, we’re often recommending music for DCC and MCC and I just hit the jackpot! If you love the whole 70’s sweeping moog and synth atmospheric sound for background pieces for your games (and who doesn’t right?), then have I found the Bandcamp link for you.

Artist Francis “Anger” Roberts, the brain behind Old Man Wizard (disclosure: and also a friend of the Sanctum Secorum who happens to makes GREAT music), has his 13 release solo discography (around 5 hours of music) on sale for less than $10!

Oh, did we mention that he is also a gamer….?

We are currently listening to Musical Instrument Death Interface…loving it. We seriously don’t think that you’ll be disappointed to add this to your music collection and, for the price? For less than the cost of a single CD you get enough music to pick and choose through that you don’t even need to like it all to get a real value (Bob thinks you’ll like it all).

Check it out here!