Our May contest theme was “Maps”, and during the entirety of the contest, we received only a single entry. In the end, there was no need for a random roll.

1st Place – Marc Elsenheimer – The Fate of the Ruthless Wizard

You can find Marc’s entry in Sanctum Secorum Companion #34.

June was our final month and every bit of art entered during the contest was given a chance to win. It was another big drawing and, in the end, we decided to award the main prize to THREE people. Our June winners are:

1st Place (tie): Tom Wendt – The Dreadnaught
1st Place (tie): Mario Garcia – Drowning Man
1st Place (tie): Mars Homeworld – Wishler

You can find all three of those entries in Sanctum Secorum Companion #37.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in this contest. It has been a doozy of a ride and we are working on getting the last of the prize packages shipped out. There were so many entries that we will be featuring more of them in the upcoming months. Keep a sharp eye out for them.

As for what the future holds? We expect to announce our next contest in December so, keep an eye out!