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February 17, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – 4:00 pm
The Brooklyn Strategist
333 Court St, Brooklyn, NY, 11201
United States
Dungeon Crawl Classics: The Shrine of St. Aleena

Many years ago, a young human warrior and a young female cleric named Aleena did battle with an evil wizard known only as the Infamous One. In a selfless and heroic act, Aleena gave her life to save the fighter and help him defeat the wizard. Her body was returned to her hometown where she was mourned by all.
The Church of Justicia chose to honor Aleena’s sacrifice by naming her a Patron Saint of Adventurers, especially adventuring warriors. A shrine to St. Aleena was constructed and the tale of her death would go on to inspire a generation of brave new heroes. Alas, many of these heroes changed professions, retired from adventuring to raise families, or moved on to greater quests and more fantastic worlds, until in time, Aleena’s sacrifice was all but forgotten.
One who did not forget, however, was the Infamous One. Although the evil wizard took pleasure in the memory of Aleena’s death, he still despised her role in one of his earliest defeats. When he learned of her ascension to sainthood, his rage began to fester and grow.
The Infamous One recently set in motion a campaign of revenge, sending a goblin horde to raze Aleena’s hometown. His assassins then began hunting down adventurers who still professed their faith in St. Aleena. As a final stroke, he sent one of his most vile minions to defile the holy Shrine of St. Aleena.
Can you save the sacred shrine before it is defiled by the Spawn of the Infamous One?
A Level 1 Adventure. No need to have attended previous sessions. No experience, materials, or commitment to future games necessary! Everything needed to play is provided.
Please join the Dungeon Crawl Classics NYC Meetup group ( to reserve your spot and also note that the Brooklyn Strategist charges a $10 table fee per player.
Venue Information:
The Brooklyn Strategist
333 Court St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Ph: (718) 576-3035