Recently, it came to our attention that there was a song on Spotify entitled “Spellburn” by the band Saint Karloff. We gave it a listen and had to reach out to them to see if there might be a DCC RPG connection (because “spellburn” isn’t that common of a term).

Well, guess what? At least one of the members of Saint Karloff is one of us!

The term spellburn is something I found in the roleplaying game Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, or DccRpg. It is an ability that wizards have, where they can sacrifice a physical part of their body to call upon the magic energy of the cosmos make their spell stronger. 

And the lyrics in Spellburn is about a wizard who goes too far with this ability, and drains the universe all it’s magical energy, making his spell so strong that it destroys the rest of the universe. Except he’s not really a wizard, he’s a suicidal alcoholic who has distroyed the positivity in his own little universe, and is now going to release the negative energy which will destroy his small universe, by suicide.

The music feels like early Black Sabbath with a decent amount of acid thrown in. With songs like “Spellburn”, “All Hail the Dark God”, and “Radioactive Tomb” (a personal favorite) this is some music to add to your library.

You can check out the video for “Spellburn” HERE
You can check out the rest of Saint Karloff’s music HERE