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February 27, 2019 @ 1:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Area-52 Game Store
104 Elizabeth St, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000
Tassie DCC Road Crew Number 9 - Grimtooth's Museum of Death

Pigling the Burglar, Hodrin the Panther-Thief, Mira Starsweeper the Elvish Rogue and Kiara the Assassin, names that are all whispered in darkened Taverns across the Realm, have received ravens bearing invitations from the Demonic Troll known as Grimtooth. Together the scoundrels somehow manage to convince the rest of the party that this could be it….The Big Score! Grimtooth’s treasure room of near-infinite wealth is just waiting for them to waltz in and take whatever they please (encumbrance be damned!). All the heroes have to do is survive the deadliest and most devious traps ever placed in a dungeon by a homicidal troll! Will they somehow prevail against the many agonising deaths that await them?
Find out on the 27th of February at Area-52 Game Store (104 Elizabeth St. Hobart, Tasmania) as Tassie Road Crew Number Nine kicks off with “Grimtooth’s Museum of Death” @ 1.30 PM. Newbies welcome – Pre-generated characters available!
(Our table is a positive, friendly, and welcoming space for all adventurers, regardless of class, race, gender, or sexual identity. Any negativity fuelled by real-world ignorance, hate, or fear will be met with swift action and possible permanent teleportation to the plane of eternal banishment.)