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February 6, 2019 @ 1:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Area-52 Game Store
104 Elizabeth St, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000
Tassie DCC Road Crew Number 6 - The Croaking Fane

The party had given up on ever seeing little Pigling (the half halfling/half pig adventurer) again when during the climactic battle against the Emerald Enchanter he was swallowed whole by an enormous Devil Toad of Bobugbubilz…who was revealed to be the true master of the green-skinned sorcerer! But upon hearing rumours of a temple dedicated to evil amphibians in the middle of a swamp they quest forth intent on finding their companion…but can our heroes prevail against the evil machinations of the Brotherhood of Warts? And can they survive being caught in the middle of a Toad War?
Find out on the 6th of February as Road Crew Number Six kicks off at Area-52 Game Store (104 Elizabeth St. Hobart, Tasmania) @ 1.30 PM. Newbies welcome – Pregenerated Characters available!