February 16, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 8:00 pm
DCC The Corpse that Love Built @ IL

Time is UTC+1! Contact Crazed Sheep on FB if you would like to join the game 🙂
A storm rages outside, battering the shutters of the windows on the small church you now find yourself within. Father Giralt, pale as milk and older than sin, stands before you
and the rest of the town leaders dressed in his familiar robe made of human hair.
“Now that you’re all gathered here,” Father Giralt croaked in his agewithered voice, “I need to convey some rather distressing news. Aristemis has granted me a vision! She has shown me a vision of who is responsible for the recent abductions and mutilations of our neighbors
and family members!”
He paused for dramatic effect. “Aristemis has shown me the way and it is… Dr. Lotrin von Geisterblut!”
A small groan escaped the congregation in unison. Father Giralt’s senility was ill-timed. Dr. von Geisterblut, an ancient elf whose family went as far back as history remembered, was considered an eccentric,
but certainly not a murderer. After he’d been disowned by his wealthy family, he’d become a recluse and the rumors of his exploits became more fantastic each year. The old priest may as well have laid the blame on the Solstice Dryad.
Undaunted by the snickering heard in the crowd, he continued, “This is no jest! Aristemis has provided a warning and guidance! Cover yourself with the blood of your ancestors for protection this night, and then the victorious may prevent further bloodshed by breaching von Geisterblut’s ancient keep to prevent the awakening of the Abomination!”
With that, Giralt took the vial of powdered blood he kept in his tabernacle—a macabre relic supposedly holding the congealed remains of some long-forgotten paladin—and began smearing the sludge across his cheeks like a young bride applying rouge. The sight makes your
stomach turn.
Your nausea quickly gives way to surprise as a crash is heard when the church door is smashed open. Through the splintered doorway, a 7-foot tall faceless creature, like a statue made of clay, begins lumbering toward you. You see others following behind it.
“It’s too late!” Father Giralt screams, his face now painted russet with blood powder. “Von Geisterblut’s wretched demons have arrived to claim us all!”
📘 Dungeon Crawl Classics. This the Halloween module from 2018 – but hell, who cares? 😉
ℹ️ Level 2 characters. Bring your own (if you own the quick start rules, you have all you need to roll a character. The rules go up to level 2) or I can help you roll one 30 minutes before the game.
👫 3-6 players, new players welcome
🚼 mature content
🎥 Hangouts, recorded
⏰ duration: 3-4 hours
📆 Saturday, January 19, 2018, 10 p.m. UTC +1/CET
🌍 Please check your timezone! Again, I’m UTC +1/CET