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February 24, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Epikos Midtown
5864 Brainerd Rd, Chattanooga, TN, 37411
United States
DCC Lankhmar Episode 4: Small Problems

DCC Lankhmar Episode 4: Large Problems and Small Solutions
“Dominating the Land of Lankhmar and crouching at the silty mouth of the River Hlal in a secure corner between the grain fields, the Great Salt Marsh, and the Inner Sea is the massive-walled and mazy-alleyed metropolis of Lankhmar, thick with thieves and shaven priests, lean-framed magicians and fat-bellied merchants—Lankhmar the Imperishable, the City of the Black Toga.”
Join the Lords of Sarcasm for an ongoing DCC campaign set in the upcoming Lankhmar setting (released mid-2019). This will be an OPEN campaign and everyone is welcome to drop in and give it a try. DCC rules will be taught onsite and Dungeon Crawl Classics QuickStart Rulebooks distributed to newcomers (based on availability). Pregens will be provided for drop-in players and full characters created for those that wish to continue long-term.
Urban adventure and roguish good times await those brave (or fool-hardy) souls willing to prowl the darkened alleys of Lankhmar.
Episode 4: The group finds themselves trapped in the long abandoned house of Lord Suttar. They must overcome problems large and small but what size reward waits for them at the end?
This is an ongoing DCC campaign.
Pregens will be provided or characters created onsite.
Dice are available.
Location: Epikos, Brainerd Road location (RPG Room 1).
Date: Sunday, February 24th (continuing every other Sunday)
Time: 5:30 PM to 61000 PM.
Epikos Midtown
5864 Brainerd Rd
Chattanooga, TN 37411
(423) 531-4184