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January 15, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – February 11, 2019 @ 12:00 am
Comic Kingdom
595 E Moana Ln, Reno, NV, 89502
United States

5th Edition Fantasy Drop In Campaign
We play every Tuesday at Comic Kingdom starting 01/08/2019. The game starts at 6pm and runs until 9ish. This is an old school dungeon crawl, come prepared accordingly. New characters are to be level 1 and sourced only from the Players Handbook. No other sources are allowed for characters. We will be using the standard array for stats. If you have any questions message Randy Andrews. Take the package of equipment that comes with your class. We will be using the CREAM rule of leveling. Treasure safely transported back to town is your experience. 1 gold worth of treasure = 1 experience point.
Please see these tips below to have a more pleasant gaming experience.
It often helps for beginning players to have advice on how to play Dungeons & Dragons. Many points are overlooked by novices in their eagerness to get on with the adventure. The following points are given to help these neophite players.
Most importantly, players should be organized and cooperative. Each player should have complete information on his or her character easily on hand and should supply the Dungeon Master with this information quickly and accurately if asked. An adventuring parry will usually involve a variety of alignments and classes, so players should work together to use their abilities effectively. Arguing among players can cause delays, attract monsters, and often result in the wasting of precious resources or even the deaths of some or all of the members. While disagreements about a course of action certainly arise from time to time, players should quickly discuss their options and reach a consensus in order to proceed.
Cooperation s hould also be given to the DM. He or she is the judge of the game and his or her decisions are final. If a player disagrees, he or she should calmly state why, but accept whatever the DM decides. If necessary, the topic can be discussed outside of the game, but for the sake of all players, avoid prolonged disruptions of play. Shouting, crying, pouting, or refusing to accept decisions only angers the other players. The game should be fun for all involved. Not everything will go the way players want it. As such, the DM deserves the continued cooperation, consideration, and respect of all the players. Above all, remember that this is just a game and a little consideration can go far toward avoiding any hard feelings.
Planning is another important part of play. Players should be well equipped, comparing each member’s List and balancing the items on each. No character should be overburdened nor under-equipped. This may mean sharing the costs of extra items. Rope, oil, torches, spikes, and other useful items should always be carried. Plans should be considered for encountering monsters and casting spells.
Caution is also necessary and is a part of planning. A party that charges forward without preparation is almost certainly doomed. Danger should be expected at any moment and from any direction, possibly even from one’s own party. Lying and trickery are not unknown. Cautious play will help avoid many (but not all) tricks and traps and may save a character’s life. However, too much caution is as dangerous as too little. Many instances will require bold and quick actions on the part of the players, before all is lost. As you gain playing experience you will learn the proper pace, but often it is wise to rely on your DM for guidance.
Everything you need to play will be provided if you don’t have it.