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Tales from the Sanctum

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The Sanctum Secorum podcast plumbs the depths of Appendix N as it applies to DCC RPG. Each show reviews one piece of Appendix N media — be it literature or film — and then discusses how to bring aspects of it to the table for your DCC game. We explore how the selected piece might already easily fit into particular modules and DCC settings, and we highlight one specific DCC module that really ties into the Appendix N material.

Enter the Sanctum Secorum… and be inspired.

NEWS – DCC RPG, Portuguese Edition in its last hours

At the time of this writing, ten hours remain in this crowdfunding effort and an amazing bevvy of stretch goals have been hit: Sailors of the Starless Sea; The One Who Watches from Below; Frozen in Time; Masks of Lankhmar, Through Ninguable’s Cave, Patrons of Lankhmar; and even a Judge’s Screen! If you are interested in this edition, now is the time to hop on over to the crowdfunding page.

DCC RPG by New Order Publishing

Need the page in English? There is an option at the bottom right of the page.

Note: Pledges are taken immediately.

News: The Umerican Survival Guide Kickstarter is live!

Fans of the ‘zine Crawling Under a Broken Moon, and all those who love the trippy post apocalyptic world of mid 80’s cartoons, rejoice! The kickstarter has a modest, and very realistic goal. The goal is so realistic in fact that it is almost halfway there already. Beyond that, stretch goals!

Some great stretch goals available AND they are being handled in a fashion that won’t financially ruin the kickstarter (as has happened to many an enthusiastic start-up). One of those stretch goals, the Twisted Menagerie Manual, is slated to have content by the Sanctum Secorum’s very own Bob Brinkman. Other DCC community members contributing to the spectacular add-on content are Sean Ellis (frequent contributor to  Crawl!, Crawljammer, and Crawling Under a Broken Moon) and Forrest Aguirre (of the Glowburn Podcast).

So, hop on over and check it out.

The Umerican Survival Guide Kickstarter

Sanctum Secorum #21 – The Dying Earth

Get the free Sanctum Secorum #21 Companion HERE!

 “The six stories that make up the the first volume of the Dying Earth are all set in an undefined far future Earth, when the sun is nearing the end of its life. The sky ranges from pink to deep blue, lit by a dim red sun, and many strange plants and animals exist. Much of the story is set within the forested country of Ascolais*, and in the ruined cities that dot the landscape. Seekers of wisdom and beauty include lovely lost women, eccentric wizards and man-eating melancholy deodands. Twk-men ride dragonflies and trade information for salt. There are monsters and demons. It is a world where each being is morally ambiguous: the evil are charming, the good are dangerous.”

Welcome to the Sanctum Secorum podcast. Tonight’s episode takes you across the Dying Earth of Jack Vance, introduces you to the new Keeper of Mysteries, and announces the winners of our Tarzan content contest!

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Sanctum Secorum #17 – A Night in the Lonesome October

Get the free Sanctum Secorum #17 Companion here!

episode-17-covers“A Night in the Lonesome October is narrated from the point-of-view of Snuff, a dog who is Jack the Ripper‘s companion. The story reveals that once every few decades when the moon is full on the night of Halloween, the fabric of reality thins and doors may be opened between this world and the realm of the Great Old Ones. When these conditions are right, men and women with occult knowledge may gather at a specific ritual site to hold the doors closed, or to help fling them open. Should the Closers win, then the world will remain as it is until the next turning… but should the Openers succeed, then the Great Old Ones will come to Earth, to remake the world in their own image (enslaving or slaughtering the human race in the process). The Openers have never yet won. These meetings are often referred to as “The Game” or “The Great Game” by the participants, who try to keep the goings-on secret from the mundane population.
    Each Player has a familiar – an animal companion with near-human intelligence that helps complete the numerous preparations for the ritual. The majority of the story describes the interactions and discussions of these animals, all from Snuff’s point of view. Throughout the book, the Players slowly take sides, form alliances, make deals, oppose one another, and even kill off their enemies. The plot accelerates until the night of October 31st, when the ritual takes place and the fate of the world is decided.”

Welcome to the Sanctum Secorum podcast. No storm can breach the Sanctum Secorum’s walls and once again the doors open to give shelter and to provide enlightenment. In this, special length anniversary episode, we prepare for Halloween with a work by Roger Zelazny. In addition, we have bonus content to bring to your DCC RPG table!

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MCC RPG Kickstarter: Final Hours, Final Stretch Goal(s)

A mere six hours remain in the Mutant Crawl Classics kickstarter campaign and just over $4,000 remain to hit the final stretch goal(s) at $200,000. This has been an exciting kickstarter and is the second most successful Goodman Games kickstarter (after the 4th printing of DCC RPG). Congratulations to Jim Wampler on the rampant success of his labors.

Now go out and pledge so we can get these last goodies!!!!

Pad of character sheets. One of those gummed tear-off pads so you never run out of 0-level character sheets! (Well, you might run out eventually but it will be a while…)

The Character and Creature Creation Codex. A booklet that is easily laid flat for photocopying, featuring high-res custom-illustrated character sheets, a different one for each MCC class. Plus it will also have a blank worksheet for generating your own custom mutated creatures. And another blank worksheet for generating your own custom artificial life forms (robots, androids, and holograms). And finally a page of instructions for how to use the tables in the core book to utilize these work sheets.

Both of these go to print backers at $200k. (PDF backers will also get a PDF of the materials, though obviously not the printed character sheet pad.)

News – Special Episode

While the latest episode announced that the next journey into the Sanctum Secorum would be to discuss Purple Priestess of the Mad Moon, sharp-eyed readers may notice a different title announced in the new companion.

With the MCC Kickstarter going strong, the Keepers of Mysteries are instead delving into the world of Jack Kirby’s Kamandi – listed as an Appendix M inspiration by MCC creator Jim Wampler. This episode will be released in two weeks on July 15th, just in time for the final days of the Kickstarter.

Of course, since MCC isn’t available yet, we will be serving up weird and fantastic things for your DCC table, to help settle that craving until the arrival of MCC next year.