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The Sanctum Secorum podcast plumbs the depths of Appendix N as it applies to DCC RPG. Each show reviews one piece of Appendix N media — be it literature or film — and then discusses how to bring aspects of it to the table for your DCC game. We explore how the selected piece might already easily fit into particular modules and DCC settings, and we highlight one specific DCC module that really ties into the Appendix N material.

Enter the Sanctum Secorum… and be inspired.

Bearmageddon: Bear Crab

The new Kickstarter for Bears Want to Kill You has already surpassed its funding requirement and is in to stretch goal territory. Next up a fold out illustration and, after that, a slipcase for the hardcover edition. If there is one thing that we DCC folks go crazy for, it is slipcases! Let’s try to make this happen!

In the meantime, we continue to build on our partnership with Axe Cop co-creator Ethan Nicolle in an effort to warn of the impending bearmageddon as well as bring nightmarish inspiration to your DCC table.

Bear Crab
“The bear crab has been scientifically proven to give more nightmares than any other creature.”
     – Dickinson Killdeer, Dickinson Killdeer’s Guide to Bears of the Apocalypse

These crustaceans are ocean dwelling in nature and are dependent on salt water to survive. Magically constructed, bear crabs have no organs but their brains, hearts and gills. They are incredibly hard to kill and are considered by some to be immortal.

Bear crab: Init +2; Atk bite +6 melee (1d10) or claw +4 melee (3d5); AC 22; HD 8d10; MV 20’; Act 2d20; SP regeneration, immune to crits; SV Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +3; AL C.

 Regeneration: The bear crab regenerates 5 hit points per round.



Bear crab (both art and concept) are the creation of Axe Cop co-creator Ethan Nicolle (@axecop) and is used with his kind permission. These, and a slew of other ursine horrors can be found in the pages of Bearmageddon as well as within Dickinson Killdeer’s Guide to Bears of the Apocalypse.

Bears Want to Kill you – Pledge Now!

Sanctum Secorum #35 – Hundra

Get the free Sanctum Secorum #35 Companion HERE!

Born in a tribe of fierce warrior women, Hundra has been raised to despise the influence of men. An archer, fighter and sword fighter, Hundra is superior to any male. Hundra finds her family slain and takes a vow of revenge until one day she meets her match.

Welcome to the Sanctum Secorum podcast. Tonight we discuss the 1983 film Hundra and pair it up with The Trolls of Mistwood!

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News: Bears Want to Kill You!

Many use the term “gonzo” when speaking of DCC RPG. It is part of the embraced culture and there are some really great gonzo content creators out there for DCC and beyond. Outside of DCC, there is one name that stands above them all. A man who created a web comic, that went on to be a television series…featuring a character who did things like this…

Axe Cop and Wexter on the Moon ©  Ethan Nicolle and available HERE

Yes, that is a cop, wielding an axe, riding on a T-rex with chain gun arms, killing aliens on the moon. Do we have your attention yet??!?!

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News: D.A.M.N. Kickstarter

We here at Sanctum put out a monthly e’zine. It is pretty simple and we’re fairly fond of it. That said, our little e’zine takes a great deal of work and we greatly respect the efforts of the other folks out there putting out dead-tree ‘zines, those that work in color, etc.

Paul Wolfe, of Mystic Bull, took on the Herculean task of reviving D.A.M.N. (DCC Adventure Magazine and News), that was originally released as an e’zine, and took it to print. He followed that with a second, massive issue that weighed in at 89 pages of content that spilled over to online content because it was bursting at the seams. Putting something like that together is a massive undertaking. Consider the amount of time that goes into something like a 16 page module – now realize that the issues CONTAIN full modules as part of their content. Right? That’s impressive.

Needless to say, it can be hard to publish something like this on a regular basis when doing all the work oneself. Now Mr. Wolfe is looking to bring in help for layout, editing, etc as well as expanding the amount of art for the magazine. With that in mind, D.A.M.N. is trying out a Kickstarter model for Volume 2: Issue #1.

If you enjoy the thought of a slick publication filled with DCC materials and news? This is certainly for you.

Yes, we’ve already pledged. Now it is your turn.

Back it HERE!

News: DCC Scratch-Off Character Sheets Kickstarter Goes Live

Following up on the success of the scratch-off character sheets in last year’s holiday adventure, Twilight of the Solstice, Goodman Games has rolled out a new kickstarter. This effort, to print packets of scratch-off character sheets. The pre-generated characters draw upon a database of 50,000 0-level characters (provided by Jon Marr of Purple Sorcerer and Crawler’s Companion fame).

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News: MCC PDF arrives for backers

While the rest of the world may be holding its collective breath in anticipation of the August 1st release of the Mutant Crawl Classics hardcover, Kickstarter backers were rewarded today with the PDF of the book. Our heartfelt congratulations to Jim Wampler and his team of mutants on birthing this awesome tome…

Watch for an email from backer kit with further instructions if you are among those eagerly awaiting your PDF copy.


News: Michael Curtis will explore the archives! (Important Update)

The DCC Lankhmar Kickstarter is now in its final hours and, while two stretch goals still remain (a Judge’s Screen and a cloth map), the stretch goal that serves up a true landmark for DCC Lankhmar has been achieved. Michael Curtis WILL be going to Texas to see what can be found in the collected personal papers of Fritz Leiber! Congratulations to Goodman Games and to Manly Michael Curtis on this achievement.

With 13 hours left, it isn’t too late for those last two goals to be hit.

News: Final days of the Umerican Survival Guide kickstarter

At the time of this posting, a mere 54 hours remain in the crowdfunding efforts for Reid San Filippo’s Umerican Surivival Guide, taking the Crawling Under a Broken Moon setting to the next level. The project is already funded and has passed several stretch goals with a few others in range to still realistically reach.

Less than $500 dollars separates backers from Killer of Giants an adventure by Glowburn host Forrest Aguirre, and less than $1500 for another expansion of the Twisted Menagerie Manual (more monsters is always better). Additionally, all backers have immediate access to a draft of the book for immediate use.

Check out the kickstarter!

Sanctum Secorum #22 – Gary Con Special Part 2 – Hiero’s Journey

Get the free Sanctum Secorum #22 Companion HERE!

Per Hiero Desteen is a priest, a telepath — and a highly trained killer. Five thousand years after the holocaust known as The Death destroyed civilization, Hiero explores the mutant-infested wilderness of Canada and North America, riding a mutated, telepathic moose named Klootz. The Abbey has attempted to establish colonies, but the evil Brotherhood of the Unclean was waging all-out war against the few remnants of normal humanity, determined to wipe out all traces of its emerging civilization. Hiero’s task was to bring back a lost secret of the ancients that might save the humans. His eventual allies include Gorm, a telepathic black bear, and Luchare, a princess from the distant kingdom of D’alwah. But his path lay through the very heart of the territory ruled by the Unclean and their hordes of mutated, intelligent, savage beast followers…and the Unclean were waiting for him!

Welcome to the Sanctum Secorum podcast. Tonight is part two of our marathon-long Gary Con special episode! Ernie Gygax rejoins us as we discuss Hiero’s Journey before moving off into the realm of DCC.

As a programming note, the Companion ‘zine for the Gary Con special will release POST Gary Con (likely within 48 hours of this going live).

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