Are you wondering what to do while you are waiting for The Legends of Uganda to hit the Goodman Games online store?

Sanctum Media, in its partnership with Ugandan game designer, Ashraf Braden, is pleased to announce the sixth in our line of ongoing monthly DCC micro-releases appropriate for printing and folding…..

Bihogo – Patron of Cattle. Are you in search of a goddess for a tribe of herdsmen? Perhaps a non-human guardian spirit for a druid-style cleric, or are looking for a new twist on a simple patron for a pasture-loving wizard. Look no further!

Spread some holiday cheer with your purchase of Bihogo. Once again, community artist Ari-Matti Piippo has donated their cover art for the project, and we couldn’t be happier. Also included with the zine are audio files to accompany the pronunciation guide.

…and still just $1!

As always, all of Sanctum Media’s proceeds go directly to author Ashraf Braden.

Get it here!

Did you miss a prior release? Get them at the links below, still only $1 each!
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