Sanctum Media, in its partnership with Ugandan game designer, Ashraf Braden, is pleased to announce the fifth in our line of ongoing monthly DCC micro-releases. These mini-zines cost only $1, and are appropriate for printing and folding.

This month we present the abasezi…

There are things that move by night, feasting on flesh, and forcing others to do their bidding. These are a cursed people, the abasezi, cursed to dance through the night, digging up corpses, and ever gathering more power. Pulled directly from African folklore, even modern African media discusses the Night Dancers and spreads their infamy.

This month’s release features a blood-chilling for for Dungeon Crawl Classics. Able to craft diabolical traps, and able to weidl a number of unearthly powers, whether facing off against one (a musezi), or a band of them (basezi), the abasezi are a foe to truly be feared. Also included are pronunciation notes and audio clips provided by the author, for those wanting to get the most out of these Ugandan creations.

Also included with your drivethrurpg purchase are pronunciation notes and audio clips by Ashraf himself, providing the Ugandan pronunciation for a number of new terms, and the whole is brought to life with another evocative piece by cover artist Ari-Matti Piippo.

Ashraf is already at work on next month’s release, and there are other potential projects in the works, beyond the scope of we here at Sanctum Media, that are all quite exciting. So, join us in celebrating new content from a new voice in the RPG community.

All of Sanctum Media’s proceeds from the purchase of this, and future releases created by Ashraf, go directly to the author. You can purchase it here!

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