Tonight the Keepers of Mystery discuss one of the novels of Poul Anderson, The Broken Sword. Specifically cited on Appendix N, it has also been cited by author Michael Moorcock as having greatly influenced his stories.

The book tells the story of Skafloc, elven-fosterling and originally son of Orm the Strong. The story begins with the marriage of Orm the Strong and Aelfrida of the English. Orm kills a witch’s family on the land and later half-converts to Christianity, but quarrels with the local priest and sends him off the land. Meanwhile, an elf named Imric, with the help of the witch, seeks to capture the newly born son of Orm. In his place, Imric leaves a changeling called Valgard. The real son of Orm is taken away to elven lands and named Skafloc by the elves who raise him. As the story continues, both Skafloc and Valgard have significant roles in the war between the trolls and the elves as things escalate until the restoration of…the Broken Sword. 

The Stacks

Appendix N
The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson

Beyond the Black Gate by Harley Stroh
Doom of the Savage Kings by Harley Stroh
The Isle of Fury by Greg Oppedisano
The Old God’s Return by Michael Curtis
The Sorcerer’s Tower of Sanguine Slant by Terry Olson
Thieves of Cold Corner by Harley Stroh
The Trolls of Mistwood by David W. Fisher
Twilight of the Solstice by Marc Bruner

The Tale of Halfdanur the Black by Colin Brodd

Creature of the Wood (song) from the album Balance of Nature by Alexander James Adams
Creature of the Wood (song) from the album Life’s Flame by Heather Alexander
Edda: Myths from Medieval Iceland (album) by Sequentia Ensemble
How far to Asgaard (album) by Týr
Huldufólk (album) by Skáld
Íslandsklukkur (album) by Magnús Þór Sigmundsson, Rafn R. Jónsson
Källa (album) by Valkyrik
A Night at the Nordic House (Live with the symphonie orchestra of the Faroe Islands) (album) by Týr
Nordic and Viking Folk (album) by Ragnarök Nordic Viking Folk
Odin’s Raven Magic (album) by Sigur Rós, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Steindór Andersen and Maria Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir
Vikings Chant (album) by Skáld


Dying Earth
The Purple Planet
Viking Crawl Classics

Source Books
Divinities & Cults Vol 1 by Dan Osarchuk
Isles of the Celts
Tribes of the North
Warrior Horde of the Einherjar by James Spahn

Spotify Lists
Sanctum Secorum Playlist #51

Marc’s Full Word List
Busk – To prepare, to make or get ready; to put in order, array
Byrnie – A cuirass, corslet, coat of mail
Doughty – Possessing courage and determination; brave, bold, resolute
Fetch – The apparition, double, or wraith of a living person
Howe – An artificial mound, tumulus, or barrow
Leman – A lover or sweetheart
Lur horn
Quern – A large piece of ice; a crack or crevice in a piece of ice
Rede – Counsel or advice given by one person to another
Sea-mew/erne – The common gull/an eagle
Skyey – Of, relating to, located in, or emanating from the sky
Weregild – There are fun examples actually codified in norse/anglo-saxon law

The Bachwezi by Ashraf Braden
The Kakondo by Ashraf Braden
Kamila by Ashraf Braden
Lukwata by Ashraf Braden
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