Sanctum Secorum Quarterly is coming in March and the Keepers of Mysteries are still looking for a few more souls to join our team.

What are we looking for?

  • Art
  • Fiction
  • Game Content
  • Product Reviews
  • Regular Columns
  • Pretty much name it, if it is DCC oriented, we are looking for it.

So, what is Sanctum Secorum Quarterly?
Sanctum Secorum Quarterly is the new form of our original episode companion ‘zine. We found that monthly publication and a strict content theme was making things a little tougher to work with. So, we are shifting to a quarterly format and, while we will continue to have materials based on Sanctum Secorum episodes, we are planning on that being just a small portion of what we offer the community.

“Who all is involved?”
As before, the Keepers of Mysteries (Bob Brinkman, Jen Brinkman, and Marc Bruner) will all continue to provide content for the ‘zine. However, there are some other familiar faces who have come on board as contributors that we are pretty excited about: Daniel J Bishop, Ashraf Braden, Blair DeMarco-Wettlaufer, Michael Harrington, James Pozenel, and Christopher Willett. This is the current “starting lineup” for Sanctum Secorum Quarterly, and we think you will agree that it is quite the impressive team. Of course, there is always room for more….

Why should I join the team?
If you have a cool idea for a monster or a wicked sketch? We want your voice to be heard, your art to be seen. But the thing is, this isn’t about “exposure”. People shouldn’t be paid in exposure (people literally die of exposure…). Sanctum Secorum Quarterly is a project for the community and remains, as always, completely free. That means that everyone on the team is a volunteer. If you WANT to be on the team, then you SHOULD be on the team.

What if I want to join but don’t have any ideas?
There are plenty of things that we’d love to see. Want to write a regular column? How about reviewing adventures, answering questions on DCC rules, or talk. Are you an artist? Let me tell you, we will ALWAYS need art. If you want to draw something to accompany one of our features? We are glad to provide you with information. Have a really cool piece of art? Let us use it and build something around it. Trust us, if you want to join the team, we’ll make room for you.

Who owns my work?
In light of the recent OGL extravaganza recently, we feel that this is important to address. You always own your own work and there is no claim of ownership on this end of things. But, to avoid anything like needing to remove pages from an issue later, by submitting work to Sanctum Secorum Quarterly, you agree to grant us a non-exclusive, non-commercial license to use your work for the zine and any associated compilations.

Right then, how do I sign up?
Just drop an email to with “Submissions” in the subject line.