Sanctum Media, in its partnership with Ugandan game designer, Ashraf Braden, has released the first in a line of DCC micro-releases. To be released monthly, each of these mini-zines is a single, double-sided page, appropriate for printing and folding.

The first release is the Kakondo, a monster torn from African urban legends and folklore. The Kakondo prey on the life energies of sleeping children, and are whispered of often in boarding schools in Uganda. Filling out the write-up is a short write-up on the yakoma, a sickle-sword historically used in the region.

Ashraf has been working on the next few months of releases, and there are other potential projects in the works, beyond the scope of we here at Sanctum Media, that are all quite exciting. So, join us in celebrating new content from a new voice in the RPG community.

All of Sanctum Media’s proceeds from the purchase of this, and future releases created by Ashraf, go directly to the author. You can purchase it here!