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The story picks up the saga of the two protagonists from the Face in the Frost, Prospero and, to a much lesser extent, Roger Bacon. In this adventure, war has come to the South Kingdoms and Prospero finds himself kidnapped and exiled on an island. While he manages to escape, he finds himself an unwitting captive a second time, with a situation even more dire. Meanwhile, he is unable to completely unravel why he was captured in the first place.

Welcome to the Sanctum Secorum podcast. Tonight, the Keepers of Mysteries return from their long hiatus to discuss this unfinished work by John Bellairs.

The Stacks

Appendix N
The Dolphin Cross by John Bellairs

Beyond the Silver Scream by Forrest Aguirre
Fathoms Below Witch Isle by Marc Bruner
Neon Knights by Brendan LaSalle
Not in Kansas Anymore by Dieter Zimmerman
Prince Charming Reanimator by Daniel J. Bishop
Rat Salad by Rafael Balbi
Theater of the Hammed by Clint Bohaty
The Tower Out of Time by Michael Curtis
Who Lives in Grimsburgh by Jessica McDevitt

Chat Stream Content
Prospero from the Tempest by Daniel J. Bishop

Beyond Sight (album) by Scrying Glass
Blame it on Sorcery (instrumental) by Old Man Wizard
Dan the Bard (artist)
The Enchanted Mirror (Persilian) (song) by Scrying Glass
Inns & Taverns (album) by Derek & Brandon Fietcher
Loot the Body! (artist)
Songs from the Wood (album) by Jethro Tull
The Wandering Bard (album) by Derek & Brandon Fietcher
Velen’s Grave OST (album) by Francis Roberts
Vermoulian the Dream-Walker (song) by Scrying Glass

DCC Dying Earth

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Sanctum Secorum Playlist (Ep. 48)