Hey everyone,

As we previously announced, the Sanctum Secorum Companion ‘zine is transforming into a brand new form, Sanctum Secorum Quarterly. With this, we are broadening our content and opening our pages to adventure reviews, DCC-oriented fiction, regular columns, as well as our traditionally gameable content.

Our first issue will be released in March and each issue will continue to have a section devoted to materials from the show. Even so, other submitted content does not need to follow a particular theme. Have you created a new spell that you really love? Well, rather than wait for us to have a show that may be appropriate, go ahead and send it on in. Recurring features such as Appendix N(ightmares) and the Shrouded Grimoire will be ready to deliver, now monsters, spells, and more, each issue.

Are you a 3PP preparing to launch a kickstarter or a new project? Reach out to us and tell us about it so we can help spread the word.

With all that we want to do, we are hoping to find a few more volunteers to join our creative team. Sanctum Secorum Quarterly, like the Companion ‘zine, is a free PDF publication. So, this is not a paying gig – just a fun one.

Whether you are interested in contributing once or coming aboard the team, drop an email to thehub@sanctum.media with “Submissions” in the subject line.