We here at the Sanctum Secorum have always been all about the community. From listing upcoming road crew games in the days before the Goodman Games event calendar to publishing a free ‘zine filled with gameable content, our DCC family is all. With that in mind, we want to make certain that everyone in the community is aware of the upcoming fundraising auction for Aaron Koelman, which will be hosted over on the Goodman Games Twitch channel and headed up by auctioneer extraordinaire, Jim Kitchen.

There are so many amazing items going up for auction, and we at the Sanctum are glad to be participating with a few items of our own. Bidding takes place in the twitch comment stream and, as a note, you will need a twitch account to be able to bid

For those unaware of what is going on, the words of Jim Kitchen sum it up for all of us.

A friend of mine, Aaron Koelman, is currently fighting a battle with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. Aaron’s spent most of the last year undergoing grueling chemotherapy sessions and doing his best to win a battle that has some pretty steep odds. 

Aaron’s a single dad to an amazing little boy. His son means everything and when Aaron revealed his cancer to me in March one of the things we talked about was fatherhood, particularly in his current circumstances. 

Aaron is trying to put together a college fund for his son. To help with that effort I’ve organized a charity auction next week on Friday. It will be a virtual auction on Twitch. Joseph Goodman has been kind enough to donate the space on his companies channel. (As well as some pretty amazing things!). 

We will have a lot of RPG items, original art and some great and unique items. I am still working on collating donations but here’s a list of fine people who have already donated: 

Michael Badolato /NTRPG

Julian Bernick
Kenneth Kessenger
Doug Kovacs
Peter Mullen
James Pozenel
Yorkus Rex
James Michael Spahn
Dak J. Ultimak
Loz The-Eye 

If I have somehow missed you please send me an email, PM or smoke signal. Work has had me extremely busy and I worry I have missed something somewhere. 

If you have zero interest in RPG’s or original artwork then you can still help. Donations can be made via Jon Hershberger‘s company Black Blade Publishing. Donations can be sent to tacojohndm AT yahoo DOT com via Paypal. 100% of all monies raised are going directly to Aaron. Winners of auction items will be pay shipping charges but no handling fees or premiums. 

If you can skip a few coffees or a lunch for a week please know that it would mean a great deal to me. Aaron is a dear friend. 

Feel free to share this post to any relevant groups.