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 A group of Confederate deserters, with the help of an escaped slave and an army nurse, stage a robbery at a bank holding a cache of rebel gold. Needing a place to rest for the night, the criminals set up camp in a mansion overlooking an abandoned plantation. En route through the fields, they find a strange scarecrow, which they believe is actually a crucified man, and shoot a strange deformed creature.

It soon becomes obvious that the old house is not as empty as they thought. The former owner was a gentleman farmer with a wife and two children. When his wife died, he attempted to bring her back by sacrificing his children, slaves, and any other living creature, hoping that black magic acquired from his slaves’ native rites would return her to life. However, this simply allowed evil spirits to take over his victims, and these remain in the house, attacking all who dare enter.

A storm is coming … both in the night skies and in the shadowy plantation house.

Welcome to the Sanctum Secorum podcast. Tonight, the Keepers of Mysteries once again head to the old West with returning Keeper of Mysteries, David Baity!

Dark Acquisitions