The #DICEMBER2021 challenge is to produce something dicey / RPG / dice game-related each day of December and release it with the #DICEMBER or #DICEMBER2021 tag.

This can be a blog or social media post, a drawing of something RPG-related, a drawing or photograph of actual dice, a random table or die-drop table for us to chuck dice on, etc. The field is wide open, make it dice-related, and honestly, decide for yourself whether you are following the prompts or doing your own thing. We’re cool with it either way.

Dice on!

#Dicember is the creation of Brian Bird


When someone like Dyson of Dyson’s Logos is promoting something fun for the holidays, who are we to say no? Granted, things are busy around the old library these days, but this is too much fun not to at least make the effort. So, find our day 1 offering below.

#Dicember2021 – Day 1 – The Sacred Polyhedral Stones of Tuh-Sar