The Keepers of Mystery have been fairly quiet of late. Indeed, the last, regularly released episode was in 2019, with only sporadic specials since then. So…what gives? Obviously, having all three of the Keepers of Mysteries working on DCC Dying Earth has taken up a great deal of time, and free time has been precious, but fear not!

In January 2022, the Sanctum Secorum will relaunch with new episodes, new zines, and new content. As a small preview…

Episode #46 – Dead Birds (2004) w/ Keeper David Baity
Episode #47 – Hills of the Dead by Robert E. Howard w/ special guest: Judge Eric Young
Episode #48 – Night’s Master w/ special guest: Artist James V. West

So, you can see that things are progressing along, plans are being hatched, and the library is stirring back to life. In addition, a few folks have agreed to join our ‘zine’s creative team and, while you might not see them in every issue – you definitely will be seeing them: Daniel J. Bishop, Mike McKeown, James A. Pozenel Jr., and Jim Yoder. We are thrilled to have them aboard as contributors – and are always looking for more hands so that we can bring you more, and better content.

As the Sanctum Secorum celebrates its 50th episode, and the 50th regular issue of its zine, we have so many thoughts on what to do that we’re still in discussions. Additionally, the idea has been floated of perhaps hiring an outside audio editor to aid in getting the show out on a more regular basis again (audio editors truly do the Dark Master’s work) – but those things aren’t set in stone.

What is still set in stone is that the Sanctum Secorum will continue to bring you episodes, and FREE ‘zines chock full of gameable goodness. So, keep your library cards current…you won’t want to miss the new arrivals.

Do you want more episodes of the Sanctum Secorum Reading Room? Let us know.
Do you want more episodes of the Sanctum Secorum Live? Let us know.

There is even yet another Sanctum Secorum podcast lurking in the shadows…wondering what that is? All we can say is that 2022 is going to be a big year!