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Early in the 21st century, nearly twenty years after the invention of atomic power and ten years after the first lunar landing, the four-man crew of the Ares has landed on Mars in the Mare Cimmerium. A week after the landing, Dick Jarvis, the ship’s American chemist, sets out south in an auxiliary rocket to photograph the landscape. Eight hundred miles out, the engine on Jarvis’ rocket gives out, and he crash-lands into one of the Thyle regions. Rather than sit and wait for rescue, Jarvis decides to walk back north to the Ares.

Welcome to the Sanctum Secorum podcast. Tonight we turn our gaze to the red planet, Mars, while we discuss Stanley A. Weinbaum’s, A Martian Odyssey.

Dark Acquisitions

Tweel – Bob Brinkman

Magic Items
Crystal Egg – Bob Brinkman

Dire Turkey – Bob Brinkman
Pumpkin Bugbear – Bob Brinkman
Pyramid Builder – Bob Brinkman

Dire Turkey – Bob Brinkman

Pumpkin Bugbear Pie – Bob Brinkman
Pumpkin Bugbear Mincemeat Pie – Bob Brinkman

The Stacks

Appendix N
A Martian Odyssey by Stanley A Weinbaum

Attack of the Frawgs! by Stephen Newton
Cave of the Ice Mistress by Ken Jelinek
Escape from the Purple Planet by Harley Stroh
The Haunting of Larvik Island by Stephen Newton
Icon of the Blood Goddess by Daniel Bishop
In the Prison of the Squid Sorcerer by Ken Jelinek
Intrigue at the Court of Chaos by Michael Curtis
Not in Kansas Anymore by Dieter Zimmerman
Null Singularity by Steven Bean
The Sea Queen Escapes by Michael Curtis
Shadows of Malagok by Jon Wilson
Silent Nightfall by Daniel J. Bishop
They Served Brandolyn Red by Stephen Newton
The Waystation by David Przbyla

The Monster Alphabet by Michael Curtis et al.

Space Mountain Queue (song) by Walt Disney Company

Road Crew Appearances
* Judges Hoi, Andrew Sternick, Vasili Kaliman, and David Willems @ The Brooklyn Strategist New York, NY
* M Nicksic @ Tacoma Games in Tacoma, WA (every Saturday)
* Daniel J. Bishop @ Sword & Board in Toronto, ON
* Joan Troyer @ Better World Books in Goshen, IN
* Joan Troyer @ Secret Door Games in Elkhart, IN
* Marlene Whitmer @ Better World Books in Goshen, IN
* Marlene Whitmer @ Secret Door Games in Elkhart, IN
* Mike Carlson @ Everybody Reads Books & Stuff in Lansing, Michigan
* Tim Loughrist @ Blank Comics in Florence, AL
* Christian Burd @ The Beer Temple in Chicago, IL.
* Mario Garcia @ Funagain Games in Eugene, OR

The Purple Planet by Goodman Games
Star Crawl by Tuesday Night Fiend Club
The Swordfish Islands by Swordfish Islands


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