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Carl Corey wakes in a medical clinic, with little to no knowledge of who he is or how he got there. He suspects he is being over-medicated, so he overpowers the nurse and doctor and escapes his room. He finds the manager of the clinic, and learns that he was recovering from a car accident in a private clinic, paid for by his sister, Evelyn Flaumel.

He flees and heads to her house. She addresses him as Corwin and calls herself Flora. Hiding his lack of memory, he convinces her to let him stay. In Flora’s library he locates a set of customized Tarot cards— the Trumps—whose Major Arcana are replaced with images which he recognizes as his family. As he looks over the cards he remembers all his brothers: sneaky Random, Julian the hunter, well-built Gérard, arrogant Eric, himself, Benedict the master tactician and swordsman, sinister Caine, scheming Bleys, and the mysterious Brand. He also views his four sisters: Flora who offered him sanctuary, Deirdre who was dear to him, reserved Llewella, and Fiona, whom Corwin hated. Carl Corey investigates, discovering the truth, piece by piece: he is really Prince Corwin, of Amber, the one true world of which our Earth is just a shadow. He is one of nine men who might rule Amber, if he can fight his way past the armies of his older brother Eric.

Welcome to the Sanctum Secorum podcast. Returning from our Gen Con Hiatus, tonight we discuss Nine Princes in Amber, the first book of Roger Zelazny’s Amber Chronicles and we match it up with the noir goodness that it Nowhere City Nights.

Dark Acquisitions

Amberite Curse – Bob Brinkman
Death Curse – Bob Brinkman

Magic Items
The Trump – Bob Brinkman

Mighty Deeds
Bleeding Wound – Bob Brinkman
Disfiguring Slash – Bob Brinkman
Feint – Bob Brinkman
Flickering Strike – Bob Brinkman

Irish Wolfhound – Bob Brinkman
Manticora – Bob Brinkman
Storm Hound – Bob Brinkman

Epée – Bob Brinkman
Rapier – Bob Brinkman
Small Sword – Bob Brinkman

The Stacks

Appendix N
Nine Princes in Amber (Amber Chronicles #1) by Roger Zelazny

Beyond the Black Gate by Harley Stroh
Bride of the Black Manse by Harley Stroh
Castle Amber by Tom Moldvay
Fate’s Fell Hand by Harley Stroh
Glipkerio’s Gambit by Jobe Bittman
Madhouse Meet by Michael Curtis
Through Ningauble’s Cave by Michael Curtis
Shadow Under Devil’s Reef by Jon Hook

Brinkmanomicon II
Gamehole Con
Gary Con

Harlem Nocturne (song) by Duke Ellington & his Orchestra
Harlem Nocturne (song) by the Ray Noble Orchestra
Harlem Nocturne (song) by the Viscounts
I Cover the Waterfront (song) by the Viscounts
Night Flight (song) by the Viscounts
Night Train (song) by the Viscounts
Summertime (song) by the Viscounts
The Touch (song) by the Viscounts

Road Crew Appearances
* John Hammersly @ Game Knight Huntingburg, IN
* Jeff Bernstein @ Games Plus in Mount Prospect, IL
M Nicksic @ Tacoma Games in Tacoma, WA (every Saturday)
* Michael Bolam @ Phantom of the Attic Games in Pittsburgh, PA
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* Joan Troyer @ Secret Door Games in Elkhart, IN
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* Marlene Whitmer @ Secret Door Games in Elkhart, IN
* Mike Carlson @ Everybody Reads Books & Stuff in Lansing, Michigan
* Tim Loughrist @ Blank Comics in Florence, AL
* Christian Burd @ The Beer Temple in Chicago, IL.
* Mario Garcia @ Funagain Games in Eugene, OR
* Cory Welch @ Miskatonic Brewing Company in Darien, IL

DCC Lankhmar from Goodman Games
Nowhere City Nights from Order of the Quill
The Swordfish Islands from Swordfish Islands

Tarot Decks
Custom (Make your own) @ Drivethru Cards
Deck of the Bastard by Tarot by Seven
Deviant Moon by Annie’s Eclectics
Gothic Tarot by Graphics Candy
Tarot d’Ambre by Florence Magnin
Tarot d’Ambre (puzzle) by Florence Magnin

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