Many use the term “gonzo” when speaking of DCC RPG. It is part of the embraced culture and there are some really great gonzo content creators out there for DCC and beyond. Outside of DCC, there is one name that stands above them all. A man who created a web comic, that went on to be a television series…featuring a character who did things like this…

Axe Cop and Wexter on the Moon ©  Ethan Nicolle and available HERE

Yes, that is a cop, wielding an axe, riding on a T-rex with chain gun arms, killing aliens on the moon. Do we have your attention yet??!?!

We are, of course, speaking of Axe Cop co-creator Ethan Nicolle. Ethan Nicolle ( is an Eisner Award nominated comic book creator, writer, and artist. He has also worked with his younger brother, Malachai, to create Axe Cop – a web comic turned comic, turned animated series.Sanctum Secorum has been working in partnership with Mr. Nicolle, periodically bringing to life the horrors of the Bearmaggedon.

We’ve brought you these terrible beasts including the Grizzly Boar, Bearantuala, and Bearboons. Now Ethan Nicolle is going one step further, with his new kickstarter project Bears Want to Kill You: The authoritative guide to survival in the war between man and bear. Finally the truth is told.

Every book written on bears has been a lie.
People live under the false impression that bears can be avoided,
that bear attacks are survivable, and even that bears are not immortal.
Suffice it to say, people have a lot to learn about bears,
bear safety, bear attacks and the impending war between man and bear. 

BEARS WANT TO KILL YOU will be the first honest book
about bears ever written.
No lies, no propaganda.
It’s the hard reality nobody wants to face.
Can you survive a bear attack? Yes, but only until it kills you.

We highly recommend that you join us in supporting this essential guide to surviving the coming Bearmageddon on Kickstarter and, to celebrate the kickstarter, we’ll be releasing several new ursine horrors for your gaming table throughout the fundraiser.

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