We here at Sanctum put out a monthly e’zine. It is pretty simple and we’re fairly fond of it. That said, our little e’zine takes a great deal of work and we greatly respect the efforts of the other folks out there putting out dead-tree ‘zines, those that work in color, etc.

Paul Wolfe, of Mystic Bull, took on the Herculean task of reviving D.A.M.N. (DCC Adventure Magazine and News), that was originally released as an e’zine, and took it to print. He followed that with a second, massive issue that weighed in at 89 pages of content that spilled over to online content because it was bursting at the seams. Putting something like that together is a massive undertaking. Consider the amount of time that goes into something like a 16 page module – now realize that the issues CONTAIN full modules as part of their content. Right? That’s impressive.

Needless to say, it can be hard to publish something like this on a regular basis when doing all the work oneself. Now Mr. Wolfe is looking to bring in help for layout, editing, etc as well as expanding the amount of art for the magazine. With that in mind, D.A.M.N. is trying out a Kickstarter model for Volume 2: Issue #1.

If you enjoy the thought of a slick publication filled with DCC materials and news? This is certainly for you.

Yes, we’ve already pledged. Now it is your turn.

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