To be allowed to place the DCC logo on any product, there are only a few restrictions. Chief among them is that all content must be family friendly (including no nipples). Because of that, while not offensive or in poor taste, we needed to show only detail from Jon Hook’s entry for the Harringo in issue #32.

Before taking that measure we reached out to Jon for his permission to do so, which he readily granted.  Below the jump is his entry, accompanied by the entire illustration.  Enjoy the nightmare fuel!


A harringo is the grotesque amalgamation of an old crone, a reptile, and an ostrich. This 12’ tall beast has 7’ long legs and a 3’ long neck. The she-creature is covered in pale green scales and long black feathers on its head, wings, and back. Harringos are flightless birds, but they are swift runners; their incredibly strong legs also allow them to make amazing leaps. Harringos can use their breath weapon once a day; they typically use it on their prey once they have wounded it enough to hold it down on the ground with one foot. It then dips her head down to vomit acid on their helpless prey, but it can be used as a true breath weapon if need be.

Harringo: Init +1; Atk kick +1 melee (1d6), acid breath -2 missile fire (3d4/2d4/1d4); AC 12; HD 6d8; MV 50’ or jump 20’; Act 1d20; SP breath weapon (cone, width 1d4x3’, length 1d3x3’, the acid does 3d4 on the first round, then it automatically inflicts 2d4 the following round, and another 1d4 the round after that, DC 13 Fort save for half damage); SV Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +4; AL C.