Sanctum Secorum’s
Super Number 1 Contest!!

Where you muttering under your breath about not having been at North Texas RPG Con in 2015? Were you even more pained when the Keepers of Mysteries began discussing the FREE release of Super Number 1 Food Tower by Matthew Goiffon? Did you shake your fists in the air and curse the stars e’er you were born that you would forever be prevented from enjoying this unique, and highly limited oddity?

Well….about that. You know that the Sanctum Secorum is a library right? Do you know what libraries are filled with? Yup, all sorts of printed matter. Printed matter such as

Fifty Foot Pharaoh Zine Module No. 01
Super Number One Food Tower
2015 North Texas RPG Convention Edition

That’s right, the Sanctum Secorum is kicking off 2018 by giving you a chance to win some pretty rare DCC 3rd party swag! The author, Matthew Goiffon, has gifted a small number of these ultra-rare ‘zines to the Sanctum Secorum. Not only that, but he also provided enough of the pregen character sheets for every winner to have a sheet with 4 randomly created characters!

So, what do you need to do to win one of these rarities? Simple, contribute a piece of content to our contest.

For the next six months, the Sanctum Secorum will be running a series of themed content contests with a winner to be chosen at random. Submit something and you too could win. We’re even announcing this a couple of days early to give you a head start!

It is pretty much that simple…although contests are never quite that simple. CYA text follows because without rules we cannot have nice things.


  1. Content: Entries must be your own original, previously unpublished, material.
  2. Permissions: By entering, you grant Sanctum Media non-exclusive right to publish your entry on the Sanctum Secorum website/social media, in a future issue of the Sanctum Secorum ‘zine, or any subsequent Sanctum ‘zine compilation.
  3. Entry Eligibility: Eligible entries must be complete and written for use with DCC RPG (or MCC RPG). Monsters must be statted; spells fully written up; etc.
  4. Geographic Eligibility: The contest is open to participants worldwide in any location where the contest is legal.
  5. Entrant Eligibility: The contest is open to all persons not currently hosting the Sanctum Secorum Podcast, but is open to ‘zine contributors past and present. Entries by persons under the age of 18 must have parent’s permission.
  6. Deadlines: Entries for each month may be sent ANY TIME prior to the end of that month’s contest, including in prior months. Entries must be received no later than midnight EST on the final day of the contest month.
  7. Entry Methods: Submissions may be sent in two ways:
         Emailed to:
         Mailed to: Sanctum Secorum Contest
         4915 Rattlesnake Hammock Rd #139
         Naples, FL 34113
  8. Monthly Contest Themes: Each month of the contest has a different content theme. To be eligible, content must be received prior to the last day of its associated month.
         January – Monsters
         February – Character Classes
         March – Spells
         April – Gonzo (Anything goes – get wild!)
         May – Maps
         June – Art
  9. Multiple Entries: Multiple entries by a single entrant for a single month are allowed, but only one prize may be received per month.
  10. Bonus Entries: In months 1-4, entries accompanied by original art will receive a second entry into the drawing. In months 5-6, entries accompanied by original stats/write-ups will receive a second entry into the drawing.
  11. Minimum Entry Requirement: Should less than five entries from different individuals be received in a single month, no prize will be awarded and all eligible entries will roll into the next month and appropriate additional prize drawings will be made in the subsequent month.
  12. End of Contest: Sanctum Media reserves the right to extend the contest by adding additional prizes to later months.
  13. Winning: Winners will be chosen at random from the pool of eligible entries. Chances of winning vary by the number of entries.
  14. Prizes: Grand Prize winners will receive one (1) copy of Super Number 1 Food Tower and one (1) page of randomly pre-generated characters for the adventure. Prizes will be delivered via US Post. One additional winner per month will receive a random item from the Sanctum Secorum’s Prize Closet.
  15. Prize Limitation: Only one “Grand Prize” per household. Repeat winners will automatically receive the random prize.
  16. No purchase necessary – Void where prohibited by law