Bob Brinkman has been announced as a stretch goal author for Those Dam Goblins from Fail Squad Games. Come on, you know you want it!

Several years ago human settlers discovered a marsh covered valley which they knew would provide fertile crop land if only the marsh could be drained. The settlers dammed the river and may have damned themselves! The diverted river has awoken the cliffs themselves. Strange rumblings in the earth and smoke from the cliff tops are sure signs of trouble. The residents of Fertile Valley need some heroes, can you save Fertile Valley before it’s too late?

This adventure is written for the Labyrinth Lord (LL) game system compatible with BECMI or B/X with Fifth Edition rules of the world’s most popular tabletop RPG included.

It is an adventure for 4-6 characters of levels 1-3. This module has a definite “Old School Flavor” written by Chris Clark who worked directly with Gary Gygax.