If you are in the area, this sounds fantastic! A room dedicated to DCC RPG needs judges to help fill its tables. Will you rise and pick up the gauntlet?

From +Terry Olson

Hey SF Bay Area reavers, cutpurses, heathen-slayers, and tight-lipped warlocks, we need some DCC judges for Big Bad Con. Please consider attending and running some games! Otherwise I’ll explode in a gory (not Gorey) mess trying to imitate the inimitable +Brendan LaSalle as I judge more games than I’m able…

Consider this a plea to help me run Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC) RPG at this year’s Big Bad Con. Last year, we had 11 DCC events, this year (so far) we have 3. Last year, my games were packed (9-10 players at the table), so the demand is there. We have our own room, “The DCC Room of Doom,” in which to sling dice. For those of you unfamiliar with Big Bad Con, it’s my favorite RPG con. Easy to book games, cool folks, great venue, and it supports Doctors without Borders. At the very least, attend! And if you do attend, please consider running some DCC. =)