The companion in the wild at at Roll for Damage in Grovetown, GA. Thanks to Guardian of Secrets Michael Hearn!

In honor of Free RPG Day 2017, Sanctum Secorum released our first ever physical companion. A very limited release, available in just a handful of locations, this release served as our first test-run for our upcoming “Friends of the Library” program, and introduced our first Guardians of Secrets.
So what *is* this program you ask? That’s still a secret, but it is indeed coming soon. We will just say this. The Keepers of Mysteries of the Sanctum Secorum are big supporters of the community and are massive fans of Judges who are running open-table games that help introduce people to DCC and stoke those fires.

Guardian of Secrets Dan Domme unleashes destruction, and the Free RPG Day Companion zine at BC Comix in Brighton, MI.

We will be releasing the PDF version of the companion shortly and, while the zine is mostly a “best of” edition, it does include an improved and expanded version of the patron write-up for Merlin.