Where we continue to build on our partnership with Axe Cop co-creator Ethan Nicolle in an effort to warn of the impending bearmageddon as well as bring nightmarish inspiration to your DCC table.

A beareagle is a large magical beast resembling a winged bear with the beak of an eagle. Their wingspan often exceeds 20’ and they can weigh upwards of 800 pounds. Beareagles live in forested mountains, just beneath the tree-line. Beareagles are particularly fond of dwarven flesh, known to stake out the hidden byways leading into dwarven mines so as to ambush the unwary.

Beareagle: Init +2; Atk bite +9 melee (2d6) and claw +5 melee (1d6); AC 17; HD 6d10; MV 40’, fly 80’; Act 2d20; SP terrifying screech; SV Fort +7, Ref +8, Will +4; AL N.

Terrifying screech: Prior to entering combat the beareagle releases a bloodcurdling screech. The shrieking cry is enough to shake even the most hard-bitten of travelers. All targets within earshot must make a DC 16 Will save or be frozen in terror for 2d3 rounds.

The beareagle is the creation of Axe Cop co-creator Ethan Nicolle (@axecop) and is used with his kind permission. A slew of other ursine horrors can be found in the pages of Bearmageddon as well as within Dickinson Killdeer’s Guide to Bears of the Apocalypse. You may follow the nightmarish story of the beareagle at Bearmageddon News Network.