Here is a sampling of where you can find DCC Road Crew Judges on Free RPG day. This list is a constant work in progress during the days leading up to Free RPG day so send us your info (via email or on Google+) and we will add you to our list!



Benjamin Brown will be at The Magic Vault in Brisbane, QLD. Adventures and times TBA.

Paul Garon Lan will be at Area 52 in Hobart, TAS. Paul will be running a funnel tournament beginning at 1pm.

Reece Carter will be at GateKeeper Games in Fitzroy North, VIC. Reece will be running Sailors on the Starless Sea from 11:30am-3:30pm.


Rio de Janeiro
Diogo Nogueira (co-author of Salada de Ratos) will be at Livraria Cultura – Cine Vitória in Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Adventures and times TBA. (Note: No stores in Brazil are officially participating in Free RPG Day. Diogo is bringing and providing his own swag to give out)


Paul Watson will be at Kapow Comics and Games in Lethbridge, AB. Adventures and times TBA.

New Brunswick
Donna Nutter will be at Hero’s Beacon in St John, NB. The game begins at 9:30pm, with the adventure TBA.

Derek Schwab will be running DCC RPG at Canadian Forces Station Alert in Alert, NU. The game will be held in the Arctic Club in the Haps building and is open to all. Derek will be running Doom of the Savage Kings beginning at 1800 EST.

Dan Sich will be at L.A. Mood Comics & Games in London, ON. Dan will be running Gnole House from 11am-5pm. Another judge will be running Portal Under the Stars beginning at 11am.

Daniel J Bishop (of Purple Duck Games) will be at 401 Games in Toronto, ON to run the new adventure Gnole House. Game begins at noon.


Bruce Cunnington will be at Epic LAN in Kettering, NTH. He will be running a table of funnel goodness (Portal Under The Stars) at a PC gaming event. Show up and give him some love – the game starts at 2pm. He also plans on running a Dark Trails playtest sometime during that weekend. Playing in the game does require a spectator ticket for the event but Bruce is offering to cover the price of the first person to contact him who wants to play in his game!

Lee Neilson will be at Shadow Games in Rugby, WAR to run The Frost Fang Expedition.


Rusty Stewart will be at Haven Comics, etc in Madison, AL. Last year the store hosted a funnel tournament, this year’s adventure TBA.

Jason Abdin will be at CAB Comics in Flagstaff, AZ, beginning at noon. (Note: No Stores in Flagstaff are officially participating in Free RPG Day. Jason is doing this on his own so, be sure to thank him!)

Leah Einecker and Bruce (?) will be at Isle of Games in Tucson AZ. Leah will be running Gnole House beginning at 10am. Bruce will be running a game starting at noon. Also present will be the Goodman Games Swag Yeti, Keith LaBaw!

An anonymous Judge will be running DCC at The Hidden Village Games in Yuma, AZ. Game time and adventure TBA.

Henry Cooper will be running at Game Gear in Fayetteville, AR. Adventure and times TBA.

Ian Grey will be running DCC at Games of Berkley in Berkley, CA. Ian will be running Gnole House from 4-8pm.

An anonymous Judge will be running DCC on demand at Gamer’s Haven in Colton, CA. Games will begin when 3 or more players are ready, adventure TBA.

David Pier will be DCC RPG Tournament at Game Kastle in Freemont, CA. The store missed out on the retailer kits for this year, but David is there to make it up with style, some road crew swag, and a whole lot of carnage as he presents the Shambling Un-dead (complete with prizes for the winner and runner up)!

Bill Meyer will be running Portal Under the Stars (at 11:00am) as well as Gnole House (at 7:00pm) at Villainous Lair in San Diego, CA.

Todd Bradley will be running Portal Under the Stars at 12:30pm at Crit Castle Games in Aurora, CO.

Tom Burke will be at Gamer’s Gambit CT in Danbury, CT. He will be running Nebin Pendlebrook’s Perilous Pantry from noon to 5.

James Carpio (author of Tales from the Fallen Empire) will be at the Tabletop Shop in Newington, CT to run a playtest of the upcoming Tales from a Fallen Empire/DCC adventure From Hence they Came! Game starts at 1pm.

Ray Lewis will be at Loot Games and Comics in Coral Springs FL. Ray will be running a DCC Lankhmar adventure, The Madhouse Meet, time TBA.

Sanctum Secorum’s own “Judge Jen” and Bob Brinkman will be joined by Troy Tucker at Dungeon Games in Estero, FL. Troy will be running a playtest of Never Swallow the Worm (for David Baity’s Dark Trails) at “high noon”. Bob Brinkman will be running Neverwhen Rock (an MCC adventure) at noon and 4pm, as well as The Winter Home for Transylvanian Adventures from 8pm until midnight. Other adventures and times TBA.

Jason Zonca will be at the Cloak & Blaster Gaming Pub in Orlando, FL. Times and Adventures TBA.

Matthew Caulder will be running DCC at Serenity Games in Seminole, FL. Adventures include Portal Under the Stars from 10am-noon and again from 1-3pm as well as the new adventure Gnole House from 4-6pm

Chuck Plimpton will be running a 3rd level DCC adventure at the Past Present Future Superstore in West Palm Beach, FL. The game will run from 10am-3pm.

Michael Hearn will be running Grimtooth’s Museum of Death at Roll for Damage in Grovetown, GA.

An anonymous Judge is running DCC at Red Raccoon Games in Bloomington, IL. The game runs from 1-3pm, adventure TBA.

Joshua O’Connor-Rose will be at Chicagoland Games Dice Dojo in Chicago, IL. Joshua will be running two or three sessions and will likely include funnel tournament, The Shambling Un-Dead, complete with prize certificates!

Mike Deplaris will be at Greenfire Games in Oaklawn, IL. Games will be run at 2 and 5pm (other slots possible) and adventures will be selected from Hole in the Sky, Portal Under the Stars, and Sailors on the Starless Sea. Mike is even bring some personally created swag and will be raffling off a copy of Sailors!

Richard Rittenhouse will be at Underdark Comics and Games in Quincy, IL. Richard will be running Gnole House from 3-7pm.

Aaronn Berkowitz will be at Titan Games in Springfield, IL. Aaron will be running games at 1pm and 3pm, adventure TBA.

John Nash will be at GameQuest in Ft. Wayne, IN. HE will be running from 5pm until close, adventure TBA.

Jeremy Friesen will be at Better World Books in Goshen, IN from 3:00-7:00pm. Adventure TBA.

John Hammersley will be at Saltire Games in Indianapolis, IN from noon-5pm. Adventure TBA.

James Grey will be at Mayhem Collectibles in Clive, IA. Clive will be running Sailors on the Starless see from noon-4pm.

An anonymous Judge is running DCC at Book & Music Exchange Preston in Louisville, KY. The game runs from noon-5pm, adventure TBA.

Greg Frost will be at Critical Hit Games in Abingdon, MD. Greg will be running Gnole House from 4-8pm.

Dale Bailey will be at Pandemonium Books and Games in Cambridge, MA. The adventure is a mashup of Blood in the Chocolate & People of the Pit and runs from 5-8pm.

Garrett Fitzgerald will be at Pandemonium Books & Games in Cambridge, MA. Garrett will be running Prince Charming, Reanimator from 10:30-1:30pm.

Tim Deschene will be at That’s Entertainment in Worcester, MA to run X-Crawl. Adventures and time TBA.

Dan Domme will be running Portal Under the Stars and Gnole House at BC Comix in Brighton, MI. Times TBA.

An anonymous Judge is running DCC at Archangel Games in Clio, MI. The game runs from 9am-1pm, adventure TBA.

Adam Muszkiewicz (of Drink, Spin, Run and Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad) will be at Fanfare in Kalamazoo, MI. Adam will be running Sky Ov Crimson Flame starting at noon.

Mike Carlson will be at Everybody Reads Books & Stuff in Lansing, MI. Mike will be prepared to run The Madhouse Meet, The Museum at the End of Time, The Shambling Un-dead, and maybe even something Metamorphosis Alpha. Game times are at 9am, 1pm, 1nd 5pm with actual adventures being determined by the players.

Ian Shears will be running Sailors on the Starless Sea, starting at 12:30, at Destiny Games in Westland, MI.

Jason Duncan will be at D6 Games in Rochester, MN. Games will be held from noon-2pm and 3-5pm with the adventure TBA.

Hugh Acton will be running DCC at Top Tier Board Games in Hattiesburg, MS. The store is running a multi-table, multi-system event with all players and tables on the same quest across multiple game systems. The chaos begins at 1pm!

Peter Neely will be at Valhalla’s Gate in Columbia, MO. Peter will be running from 11am until the store closes, beginning with Attack of the Frawgs and potentially also running Portal Under the Stars.

Corey Russell will be at the Fantasy Shop in St. Charles, MO. He will be running Gnole House. Time TBA. Additionally, Corey will be raffling off a number of DCC RPG items so that new players have adventures taking them beyond second level!

Nick Kuntz will be at Star Clipper in St. Louis, MO. Nick will be running Sailors on a Starless Sea beginning at noon.

Sarah Brown will be at Flood Con in West Plains, MO. With none of her local FLGS supporting Free RPG Day, Sarah is bringing DCC to a charity event. Free RPG Day swag is not available, but a fun game, for a good cause, run by a great Judge? That is available.

Dave Rosser will be at the Game Shoppe in Omaha, NE. Dave will be running from 3-7pm, adventure TBA. Additionally Tower of the Black Pearl is scheduled from 10am-2pm.

Randy Andrews will be running Gnole House at Games Galore in Reno, NV starting at 1pm. In addition to the regularly scheduled Free RPG Day goodies, Randy will also be giving away a free copy of the DCC RPG Core rulebook!

New Hampshire
An anonymous Judge will be running DCC at Triple Play Games in Claremont, NH. Game beings at 1pm, adventure TBA.

Kevin Wagner will be at Black Moon Games in Lebanon, NH. He will be running Frozen in Time, time TBA. Note – Black Mono Games is charging $5 per gaming session with each player receiving $3 in store credit and $2 in store credit going to the Judge.

New Jersey
Google+ community member “xN0mEx” will be running DCC RPG at The Comic Book Store in Glassboro, NJ. Adventure TBA.

New York
“Judge Jeff” Goad of the Spellburn podcast will be at The Brooklyn Strategist in Brooklyn, NY starting at noon. Davey L will be running DCC from 5-7pm. Adventures TBA.

Justin Manning will be at Just Games in Rochester, NY. Justin will be running The Shambling Un-dead beginning at noon.

North Carolina
Michael Jones will be  at the Wyvern’s Tale in Asheville, NC to run the new adventure Gnole House. Game begins at noon.

Christian Ovsenik and Jake Jorgensen will be running DCC at the Gamer’s Armory in Cary, NC. Christian will be running Portal Under the Stars from 11:00-3:00 with Jake following with Gnole House from 4:00-8:00.

Thorin Thompson will be at Your Local Game Store in Matthews, NC to run his 0-level adventure Sky ov Crimson Flame starting some time after 12pm

James Dudli will be at Carolina Tabletop Games in Pineville, NC. Game starts at noon, adventure TBA.

An anonymous Judge is running DCC at Epic Loot in Centerville, OH. The game begins at 11:30am, with the adventure TBA.

Rick Hull and Todd Bunn will both be at Gateway Games and More in Cincinnati, OH. Rick will be running something of his own, based on the DCC RPG rules. The title, now unveiled is DCC SHH! short for DCC Super Hero Hack.

Brendan LaSalle, (creator of X-Crawl, author of Hole in the Sky, and all-around AWESOME guy) will be at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH. Brendan will be running the MCC adventure The Apocolypse Arc at 9am and the evocatively entitled And You Shall Know Us By The Trail Of Dead at 2pm. Additionally Phil Lewis will be in the Games in Demand area available to run his DCC Tomb of Horrors/Goonies mashup!This is not an official Free RPG Day event – but Brendan and Phil will bring DCC to the masses!

Marc A. Mitscher III will be at Game HQ in Oklahoma City, OK. Marc will be running Gnole House beginning at 11am.

Michael White will be at Rainy Day Games in Aloha, OR to run DCC. Adventure and times TBA.

An anonymous Judge will be running DCC at Funagain Games Eugene in Eugene, OR. The Judge will be running Portal Under the Stars beginning at 11am.

Judge Sadie will be at Rune & Board in Hillsboro, OR. Game is at 7pm, adventure TBA.

Michael Bolam and James Walls (of DCC RPG Pittsburgh) will be running games at  Phantom of the Attic Games in Pittsburgh, PA. This year’s featured event is Blood & Sand: A DCC Gladiator Tournament and runs from noon until 5pm.

Barrabus Gray will be at 901 Games in Memphis, TN. He will be running Perils of the Sunken City, time TBA.

Jeff Scifert will be at Comic Cellar Cards, Comics & Games in Memphis, TN. He will be running Portal Under the Stars from 10pm-Midnight.

Judge Matt will be at Hall of Heroes in Ripley, TN. Matt will be running from 2-6pm, adventure TBA.

Sanctum Secorum’s own Marc Bruner (author of Twilight of the Solstice and member of the Austin DCC RPG Society) will be running the new adventure Gnole House at Dragon’s Lair Comics in Austin, TX.

An anonymous Judge will be running DCC at Mothership Books and Games in Austin, TX. The game begins at 2pm, with the adventure TBA.

Chris Ellis and a number of other Judges will be at Doc’s Comics & Games in Frisco, TX. From 11am-2pm the store is featuring Sailors on the Starless Sea and The Museum at the End of Time (MCC). From 3-6pm events include The Traveling Cave of Al-Hadim and Gnole House.

Justin S. Davis will be at Dragon’s Lair in Houston, TX. Justin will be running Sailors on a Starless Sea or Carnival of the Damned (players’ choice) beginning at 10am.

Anton Blender will be at Ettin Games and Hobbies in Humble, TX. Anton will be running Gnole House from 11am-4pm.

Herb Mallette will be at Dragon’s Lair in San Antonio, TX. Herb will be running Frozen in Time, game starts at 11am.

Nathan Bouvier will be at Tinker & Smithy Game Store in Middlebury, VT. NAthan will be running Sailors on the Starless Sea, time TBA.

Christopher Cottrill will be at Cavaliers Comics in Wise, VA beginning at 1pm. Adventure TBA.

“Bren” will be at Around the Table in Lynnwood, WA. They will be running DCC beginning at 11:30, adventure TBA.

An anonymous Judge will be running DCC at Wandering Havoc Games in Maryville, WA. The game will run from 4-8pm, adventure TBA.

Justin Culverhouse will be running DCC (and possibly MCC) at Adventures Underground in Richland, WA. He will be running Portal Under the Stars and Possibly one other adventure.

An anonymous Judge will be running DCC at Tacoma Games in Tacoma, WA. The adventure, an unspecified funnel, begins at noon.

West Virginia
An anonymous Judge will be running DCC at the Industry WV Game Center in Parkersburg, WV. The game begins at 11am, adventure TBA.

Eric Holdren will be running DCC at Crit Hit Comics & Games in Princeton, WV. Adventures and times TBA.

An anonymous Judge will be running DCC at TK Games in Menomonee Falls, WI. Times and adventures TBA.



Le Grimoire – Montreal, Quebec


Sub-City Comics – Dublin, LEN


Leisure Games – London, England


The Gamer’s Emporium – Swansea, Wales


Gateway Games – Ketchikan, AK

Gamer’s Haven – Colorado Springs, CO