As the DCC Lankhmar kickstarter moves into its final two days there is a VERY important stretch goal update that we want to be certain that everyone has seen.

Previously, the final stretch goal at $220k was to send Michael Curtis to the library at the University of Houston to research through the collected papers of Fritz Leiber. There was some stretch goal reshuffling and that particular stretch goal is now at $165k. With 42 hours left and only $26,500 to go, this goal is within striking distance! While ALL of the remaining stretch goals are fantastic (judges screen, NPC booklet, Lankhmar locations book, etc) this particular goal presents a unique opportunity to see game materials based on never-before accessed writings of Fritz Leiber.

If you have not yet pledged and are on the fence? Pledge now!
If you haven’t gotten the print pack (now with SIX modules), seriously consider it. Let’s get Mr. Curtis to Houston so that we can all benefit!