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Lankhmar is a fictional city in the Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser stories by Fritz Leiber. It is situated on the world of Nehwon, just west of the Great Salt Marsh and east of the River Hlal, and serves as the home of Leiber’s two antiheroes. It is richly described as a populous, labyrinthine city rife with corruption, decadent and squalid in roughly equal parts and said to be so shrouded by smog that the stars are rarely sighted.

Welcome to the Sanctum Secorum podcast. Tonight is our long awaited interview with Michael Curtis as we discuss the even more long awaited DCC Lankhmar kickstarter.

Dark Acquisitions

There is a great deal of new material to bring to the table based on this story. Below is a list, by category and author, of what has been added to the Dark Acquisitions page by the Keepers of Mysteries, based on this show. Further contributions from friends of the library will also be found there as they arrive.

Lankhmar Neighborhood – Bob Brinkman

Men and Magicians
The Stains – Bob Brinkman

Notable Personages
Arwin Lost – Bob Brinkman w/Bill Porter
Buyantu – Bob Brinkman w/Kirk Kirkpatrick
Dudley – Bob Brinkman w/Jim DelVasto
Lifthrasir the Gray – Bob Brinkman w/Jen Brinkman
Oliver – Bob Brinkman w/William Ferry

The Stacks

Appendix N
The Fafhard and Gray Mouser Tales of Fritz Leiber

Masks of Lankhmar by Michael Curtis

Gary Con
Gen Con
North Texas RPG Con

DCC Lankhmar (through April 25)
The Umerican Survival Guide (through April 11)

Dark Gipsy (Song) by Al Marconi
Dark Spanish Symphony
(Song) by Angelo Badalamenti
Let Us All Unite (Album) by Anarchadia
Misterio (Song) by Al Marconi
Nomad (Song) by Al Marconi
Obsession (Song) by Al Marconi
Oracle (Album) by Djilia Phralengo
Rome OST (Album) by Jeff Beal
The Serpent’s Egg (Album) by Dead Can Dance
Shunq (To the Despaired…King of Darkness) (Song) by Nervecell
The Unknown (Song) by Acrassicauda
Wrath of the Dunes (Song) by Dracovallis

Prop Coins
The Broken Token
Campaign Coins

Dwarven Forge
Fantasy Coins
Legendary Coins
Osbourne coinage
Stonemaier Games
Tokens Direct

Road Crew Appearances
M Nicksic is running DCC funnels from 2-6pm Every Saturday at Tacoma Games in Tacoma. WA
* Congrats to the Judges of Marmalade Dog in Michigan, Laura Rose Williams, Clayton Williams, Wyl Majure, and Keith G Nelson. It sounds like there was a lot of Shudder Mountain, Black Powder Black Magic, and Umerica goodness going on there!
* Congrats to the Judges of Mace West, Michael Jones and Kevin Heuer this past weekend for a job well done.
* Friend of the show Troy Tucker is running Mythic Greece 5th ed at the Magician’s Forge in North Port, Florida. Check with the store (or find Troy Tucker on G+ or Facebook) for more information. Then? Hound him to run Mythic Greece DCC!

DCC Lankhmar by Goodman Games
Secret Antiquities by Michael Curtis

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