This month, in honor of Gary Con, the Sanctum Secorum is proud to release a two part special.

In this first installment the Keepers of Mysteries sit down with Ernie Gygax to discuss Appendix N, Gord the Rogue, the early days of gaming and more. Learn of works that weren’t deemed good enough for inclusion in Appendix N, hear tales of Greyhawk and Gord, learn how Jim Ward hoodwinked Ernie! All this and more…

The second installment of the Gary Con special will air on March 24th (during Gary Con) and will be accompanied by the next issue of the Sanctum Secorum companion zine, dedicated to Ernie Gygax’s Appendix N choice, Hiero’s Journey as well as news from the Bearmageddon, and much more!


The Stacks

Appendix N
Gord the Rogue by Gary Gygax

Gary Con
PAX East

DCC RPG Portuguese Language Edition (through Dec 4th)

Road Crew Appearances
M Nicksic is running DCC funnels from 2-6pm Every Saturday at Tacoma Games in Tacoma. WA
* Congrats to Daniel Atson for his upcoming very first road crew game (March 10th) at Gathering Games in Tampa, FL.
* Troy Tucker is continuing to run DCC RPG sessions at the Magician’s Forge in North Port, FL.



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