Well, it finally happened, we were hit with some amazing prize support for our recent Tarzan content contest and there is just too much to give away without extending our deadline. What do we have available?

We have 3 copies of Treasure Vaults of Zadabad (out of stock on the Stormlord site).
We have a piece of original Tarzan art from Todd McGowan.
We also have a small trove of fantasy novels to hand out as well.

As a reminder, to enter you need to send us a piece of original content inspired by Tarzan of the Apes. Art, fiction, statted monsters or NPCs, spells, etc. Send that to us at TheHub@sanctum.media it is just that easy.

The “legalese” is pretty simple. By submitting an entry you grant Sanctum Media non-exclusive rights to print your submission (in other words, we can publish it, but so too can anyone else you choose) while retaining all of your own copyrights. One or more entries will be selected at random to receive a prize. We are going to draw winners until we run out of prizes!

So get those entries in by January 21st.