Often one may stumble across an online image that is wholly inspiring for game purposes. Ethan Nicolle (co-creator of Axe Cop) posted a story to the Bearmageddon News Network website and it was so fantastic that we simply had to reach out to him for permission to share our inspiration. Ethan has graciously allowed to use the image commissioned by BNN so that we can bring you the horror that is the Grizzly Boar.


Grizzly Boar
“A billionaire paid scientists to combine the DNA of a wild boar and a grizzly bear to create the ultimate big game hunt.”
     – Ethan Nicolle, Bearmageddon News Network

The horrific creation of science gone awry, the grizzly boar is a near unstoppable engine of destruction. Capable of razing entire villages, this monstrous behemoth is a match for all but the greatest of heroes. The first encounter with the creature lead to the deaths of a seasoned group of hunters, fully prepared and armed to the teeth for their encounter. The grizzly boar destroyed them, impaling them with its mighty tusks and laying waste to the entire hunting preserve. Now the creature is at large and may be encountered by unwary adventurers.

Grizzly Boar: Init +1; Atk tusks +12 melee (2d14+10) or claws +14 melee (2d10+10); AC 17; HD 10d8+10; hp 55; MV 60’ or climb 20’; Act 3d20; SP rend, impervious, immune to electrical attacks; SV Fort +14, Ref +8, Will +6; AL C.

Rend: Rend for additional 2d8 damage if more than 2 claw attacks hit same target in one round.

Impervious: The advanced science that created the grizzly boar also gave it increased durability and an ability to shrug off all but the strongest blows. They can only be wounded normally by magic weapons, spells, other extraplanar denizens, or creatures with naturally magical attacks (including paralysis, sleep, poison, acid, breath weapon, etc.). Creatures of at least 4 HD are powerful enough to wound the grizzly boar for half damage, and creatures of at least 6 HD can cause normal damage.

Follow the nightmarish story of the Grizzly Boar at Bearmageddon News Network. We can only hope that the beast is eventually captured and destroyed!