A mere six hours remain in the Mutant Crawl Classics kickstarter campaign and just over $4,000 remain to hit the final stretch goal(s) at $200,000. This has been an exciting kickstarter and is the second most successful Goodman Games kickstarter (after the 4th printing of DCC RPG). Congratulations to Jim Wampler on the rampant success of his labors.

Now go out and pledge so we can get these last goodies!!!!

Pad of character sheets. One of those gummed tear-off pads so you never run out of 0-level character sheets! (Well, you might run out eventually but it will be a while…)

The Character and Creature Creation Codex. A booklet that is easily laid flat for photocopying, featuring high-res custom-illustrated character sheets, a different one for each MCC class. Plus it will also have a blank worksheet for generating your own custom mutated creatures. And another blank worksheet for generating your own custom artificial life forms (robots, androids, and holograms). And finally a page of instructions for how to use the tables in the core book to utilize these work sheets.

Both of these go to print backers at $200k. (PDF backers will also get a PDF of the materials, though obviously not the printed character sheet pad.)