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Episode #14 CoversConan, following legends of this treasure, has travelled to Keshan and offered his services to train and lead Keshan’s army against their neighbour, Punt. However, Thutmekri, a Stygian rogue with similar intentions, and his Shemitish partner, Zargheba, also arrive in the country with an offer of a military alliance with another of Punt’s neighbours, Zembabwei, with some of the Teeth to seal their pact. The high priest of Keshan, Gorulga, announces that a decision on the matter can only be made after consulting Yelaya, the mummified oracle of Alkmeenon. This is all the treasure hunters require. Zargheba joins Gorulga in his expedition while Conan travels ahead of them.


Welcome to the Sanctum Secorum podcast. In this episode we delve into the character for whom Sword & Sorcery is named, that mightiest of barbarians, Conan!


In addition, we have bonus content to bring to your game. How about a new adventure from David Baity?! That and more…after the jump!

Dark Acquisitions

There is a great deal of new material to bring to the table based on this story. Below is a list, by category and author, of what has been added to the Dark Acquisitions page by the Keepers of Mysteries, based on this show. Further contributions from friends of the library will also be found there as they arrive.

Character Classes
Cimmerian Barbarian – Bob Brinkman

Featured Adventure
Palace of Alkmeenon – David Baity

Monsters (Contained in Featured Adventure)
Bit-Yakin – David Baity
Blood Toad Swarm – David Baity
Ghost Light – Bob Brinkman
Gray Demon – David Baity
Jungle Harpy – David Baity
Temple Wrack – David Baity

The Stacks

Appendix N
The Jewels of Gwahlur by Robert E. Howard

The 13th Skull by Joseph Goodman
Black Sun Deathcrawl by James MacGeorge
Blood of the Serpent King
by Edgar Johnson
The Croaking Fane by Michael Curtis
Doom of the Savage Kings by Harley Stroh
Frozen in Time by Michael Curtis
Grimtooth’s Museum of Death by Jobe Bittman
Jewels of the Carnifex by Harley Stroh
The Imperishable Sorceress by Daniel Bishop
The Tower Out of Time by Michael Curtis
The Treasure Vaults of Zadabad by Carl Bussler & Eric Hoffman

Gen Con

The Barbarians OST (album) by Pino Donaggio
The Beastmaster OST (album) by Erich Kunzel
Conan the Barbarian OST (Album) by Basil Poledouris

Road Crew Appearances
Troy Tucker @ Shamrock Comics in Port Charlotte, FL — Friday Nights

Dark Trails by David Baity

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Sanctum Secorum’s theme music was created using Seating Incantation by Landmark Entertainment.