Here is a sampling of where you can find DCC Road Crew Judges on Free RPG day. Send us your info and we will add you to our list!


British Columbia
Chris Geisel will be at Strategies Games in Vancouver, BC. The game is currently listed as full but maybe if enough folks drop in a second table will spontaneously  erupt.

Daniel J Bishop will be at Duelling Grounds in Toronto, ON to run the adventure “Black Feather Blade” from noon-5pm.


Julian Hayley and Nigel Clarke will be at LvlUp in Bournemouth, UK. Events include the new DCC funnel tournament “The Shambling Un-dead” and the MCC adventure “The Museum at the End of Time”. The store is open from 11am-8pm so stop on by!

Bruce Cunnington will be at Epic LAN in Kettering, UK. He will be running a table of funnel goodness at a PC gaming event. Show up and give him some love.

Lee Neilson will be at Shadow Games in Rugby, UK to run “The Abbot of the Woods”.


Asia Pickle will be at The Deep, Comics & Games in Huntsville, AL. He will be running “Elzemon and the Blood Drinking Box” beginning at noon.

Sarah Brown will be at Cullison’s Cards and Games in Jonesboro, AR. She will be running her ongoing Road Crew campaign and newcomers are welcome.

Andy Hull will be at Game Kastle in Freemont, CA running the DCC Lankhmar adventure “The Madhouse Meet” from 5pm until store close.

Bill Meyer will be running “The Madhouse Meet” as well as “Museum at the End of Time” at Villainous Lair in San Deigo, CA.

Terry Olson will be at Game Kastle in Santa Clara, CA. He will be playtesting his new adventure “Escape from the Shrouded Fen”. From Terry Olson – “Anyone who sits at my table and says they saw the +Sanctum Secorum post can add 1 point to both hp and Luck for each of their gongfarmers.”

Jen and Bob Brinkman will be at Dungeon Games in Estero, FL. Jen will be running “The Madhouse Meet” at 12:30 and “The Balance Blade” at 6:00 while Bob will be running  “The Madhouse Meet”, the “Museum at the End of Time” as players warrant.

Troy Tucker will be at Shamrock Comics in Port Charlotte, FL. He will be running the new MCC adventure “Museum at the End of Time”.

Crawling Under a Broken Moon’s own Reid San Filippo will be at Draxtar Games in Batavia, IL. He will be running “The Carnival of the Damned” from 1-6pm.

John Nash III will be at GameQuest in Fort Wayne, IN. He will be running the new DCC Lankhmar adventure “The Madhouse Meet”, starting around 3pm.

Erik Jensen and Michael Hearn will be at CardBoard Gaming in Odenton, MD. They will be running “Hole in the Sky” followed by “The Carnival of the Damned”.

Crawljammer creator Tim Callahan will be at the UNO Community Center in North Adams, MA running DCC and MCC from 1:00-5:30.

Tim Deschene will be at Rivendell Books and Games in Rehoboth, MA to run “The Madhouse Meet” starting at 3pm.

Mike Carlson will be at Everybody Reads Books & Stuff in Lansing, MI. He is prepared to run “The Madhouse Meet”, “The Museum at the End of Time”, “The Shambling Un-dead”, and maybe something Metamorphosis Alpha. Games will be held at 9am, 1pm, and 5pm. What gets played depends on who shows up and what they want.

Jarrett Crader will be at Valhalla’s Gate in Columbia, MO. He will be running the new DCC Lankhmar adventure “The Madhouse Meet“, as well as the new funnel tournament “The Shambling Un-dead”, starting between 11:30-12:00.

Dave Rosser will be running DCC at the Game Shoppe in Omaha, NE. Stop on by, the Free RPG Day celebration runs from 10am-9pm.

New York
Dustin Manning will be at Just Games in Rochester, NY. He will be running the new funnel tournament, “The Shambling Un-dead” starting at 2pm.

North Carolina
Michael Jones, Fred Dailey, and Kevin Heuer will be at the Wyvern’s Tale in Asheville, NC. They will be running “The Madhouse Meet” as well as the new MCC adventure “Museum at the End of Time”.

James Dudli will be at Your Local Game Store in Matthews, NC. HE will be running “The Museum at the End of Time”. Don’t miss it!

Rick Hull and Todd Bunn will both be at Gateway Games and More in Cincinnati, OH. Rick will be running the funnel adventure “The Meat Grinder” starting at 9am while Todd will be running the new DCC Lankhmar adventure “The Madhouse Meet”.

Michael Bolam and DCC RPG Pittsburgh will be running David Baity’s funnel tournament, “The Carnival of the Damned” at Phantom of the Attic Games in Pittsburgh, PA from noon-5:oopm.

South Carolina
Keeper of Mysteries (and Bacon Wizard) David Baity will be at Boardwalk Games in Greenville, SC. He will be running “The Croaking Fane” from 1-5pm and “Abbot of the Woods” from 6-10pm.

Marc Bruner (of the Austin DCC RPG Society) and Pete Schwab will be at Dragon’s Lair Comics in Austin, TX. Scheduled events include a table running  either “The Imperishable Sorceress” or “The Balance Blade” while another table runs through one of the two Free RPG Day offerings, “The Madhouse Meet” or “The Museum at the End of Time”.

The harbinger of the Wizard van, Wayne Snyder, will be at Battle Grounds in Midlothian, VA. He will be running “The Museum at the End of Time.”

Jeff Sipko will be at Seattle’s Card Kingdom running “The Hypercube of Myt” from 1-5pm.