unnamedPurple Sorcerer has just announced the release of Sanctum Secorum co-host (and mighty Bacon Wizard) David Baity’s The Carnival of the Damned in both print and PDF!

“David has created something special: polished at conventions like Gary Con and Dragon Con, the adventure sports 143 digest-sized pages of clown-filled creepiness that can be used for DCC tournament play, as source material for many standard funnels, or as a massive pool of nightmare encounters that can be unleashed individually on any old-school campaign.

Featuring an awesome Doug Kovaks cover, the adventure is filled with incredible art from Simon Todd, Stan Reed, Danny Prescott, and Todd McGowan. I think you’ll love the look.

In addition to the main book, a separate printable appendix is filled with goodies including every pic from the adventure in easily printable form to use as handouts, patron spells, and paper miniatures.”

The adventure is available via RPGNow or the Purple Sorcerer Games website at $9.99 for PDF of $14.99 for print of print/pdf combo.