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Episode #08 Covers“The Book of Eibon, the creation of Clark Ashton Smith, ranks behind Lovecraft’s Necronomicon as a shunned repository of mystical horrors surviving blasphemously from elder eons. Not content with his own and Lovecraft’s citations of the Book, Smith actually wrote two chapters of it, his famous stories The Door to Saturn and The Coming of the White Worm. Lin Carter knew a good thing when he saw it and decided that it would be fun to write and read the remaining Eibonic chapters. He did not live to finish the Book, but others took up the challenge, supplying more of the droll yet frightening episodes, as well as various liturgical and magical arcana the Book of Eibon was said to contain. A Mythos grimoire– a work of horror, humor, and genuine poetic power.”    *



Welcome to the Sanctum Secorum podcast. In this episode, we examine another legendary piece of Appendix N literature by classic author Lin Carter. We also delve into the world of Jobe Bittman’s the 998th Conclave of Wizards and lament that it didn’t receive the Goodman Games boxed set treatment.

In addition, we have bonus content to bring to your game…after the jump.


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Dark Acquisitions

There is a great deal of new material to bring to the table based on this story. Below is a list, by category and author, of what has been added to the Dark Acquisitions page by the Keepers of Mysteries, based on this show. Further contributions from friends of the library will also be found there as they arrive.

Magic Items
The Book of Eibon – Bob Brinkman
The Grimoire of Eibon – Bob Brinkman
The Ring of Eibon – Bob Brinkman
The Staff of Hormagor – Bob Brinkman
Talisman Generator – David Baity

Alabbac of Mnardis – Bob Brinkman
Cyron of Varaad – Bob Brinkman
Eibon, son of Milaab – Bob Brinkman
Harood of Kalnoora – Bob Brinkman
Hormagor, the wizard of Abormis – Bob Brinkman
Morghi the Inquisitor – Bob Brinkman
Wampl’rji the Pyromancer – Bob Brinkman
Zylac the EnchanterBob Brinkman

The Stacks

Appendix N
The Life of Eibon According to Cyron of Varaad by Lin Carter

The 13th Skull by Joseph Goodman
The 998th Conclave of Wizards by Jobe Bittman
Attack of the Frawgs
by Stephen Newton
Beyond the Black Gate by Harley Stroh
The Croaking Fane by Michael Curtis
Death by Nexus by the DCCabal
Doom of the Savage Kings by Harley Stroh
The Emerald Enchanter by Joseph Goodman
The Hypercube of Myt by the DCCabal
Jewels of the Carnifex by Harley Stroh
Perils of the Sunken City by Jon Maar
The Seven-Forked Path to Serenity (in Prayers of the Forgotten) by Carl Bussler and Eric Hoffman
The Tomb of Dust (in Lost Tomb of the Ancients) by Edgar D. Johnson III
The People of the Pit by Joseph Goodman

Gary Con

Asleep and Threatening by Eibon
Conjure Me by Eibon la Furies
Eibon by Shy One
Tears of Angels & Dreams of Demons by Eibon la Furies
The Void Settlers by Eibon

Tales from the Fallen Empire by Chapter 13 Press

Spotify Lists
Cryo Chamber

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